What would you do if you're in dilemma?

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  1. What would you do if you're in dilemma while choosing the color/the style of the stuff that you wanna buy?
    As for me, I am at my wit's end with this 'symptom'.
    It is such a nuisance having myself walk out from the store after knowing I have no idea what to choose!

    What is your own way to avoid this symptom?
  2. Indecisiveness - I am cursed as well :confused1:

    I try to think of what I would wear it with, how many of something else I have in a color, how it goes with my hair, etc.
  3. buy both!!
  4. Good (or bad) thing I'm usually pretty conservative in terms of color (go for more neutrals) so I tend to buy alot of black, brown, grey. If I love something alot and it's a steal of a price I will buy it in 2 colors (apart from jeans which I buy in multiple washes) - however I have only done this twice in my life I think! (Both times they were Vince sweaters haha).
  5. I essentially wear nothing but black, and I accesorize with scarves, jewelry, etc, so this is generally not an issue for me; however, when I do find a couple colours that really call my name, I am bad -- I buy both. :P
  6. I am so indecisive too.. bottom line though is that you are indecisive because you really like both of them, so no matter which you pick, you can't make a wrong decision :tup:
  7. I tend to sleep on anything I'm not sure about and go back for anything that I dream about... but most of my dreams revolve around shopping anyway. :biggrin:
  8. I try to buy what looks best. For example, I love this one top but the color is oatmeal ( a kind of pinky cream color). I am pale and it looked awful on me. I don't look good in creams or really pale colors. So I buy the other color which is an ink.