What would you do if you were me?

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  1. I've been thinking about getting a DA Neverfull MM for about a year now. I don't own any DA, even though I think it is a beautiful print... but have been nervous because of color transfer. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it though.

    I was contemplating selling my Mews bag to purchase the DA neverfull. I love my Mews but also own a DE Speedy 35 and find that the speedy and mews are similar, as they are both DE and both hand held bags.

    For reference other LVs in my collection are a mono speedy 30 and a mono neverfull.

    What would you do?!
  2. Get the DA Neverfull! It's much more carefree than it's made out to be, in my opinion. I've had mine since April, and I've only enjoyed it more and more the more broken-in it gets. It's starting to get a gorgeous patina, which just makes the white print pop even more. I've had no issues with color transfer whatsoever, and I don't baby it at all. Honestly? I think all the worry about DA print is blown way out of proportion. It's still LV coated canvas, which is incredibly durable and resilient. It won't look brand-new forever, but neither will ANY bag, and this one, like all LVs, seems to wear really well. If they were that delicate, you'd think you'd see beat-up, dirty DA bags out in public all the time, but I never do - every time I see DA in the wild, it looks fresh and lovely.

    I was like you - I couldn't get this particular bag out of my head. Damier Azur is a perfect print for the Neverfull, in my opinion - it's such a breezy, light, easy bag, and it goes with a surprising number of things. I've found it really versatile. I've been planning to get another Neverfull in DE for fall/winter, but honestly, I might just see how the DA transitions into those seasons. I live in Florida, so I could easily see using this as a year-round bag.

    Let us know what you decide!
  3. I know it sounds crazy but I didn't like the NF when it first came out. But, when it was released in DA, I was hooked! It's my most used bag and I've had it since 2011. It still looks great- the interior does have a few marks but I just wipe with a damp cloth and use a lint brush. I figure after another five years or so, I might get the vachetta replaced if it gets too dark, since it's such a great bag. My sister has been lusting after mine for years but I couldn't bear to part with it- she finally bit the bullet so to speak and bought a brand new one, the NM. She really loves the pouch that comes with it too. I also have a Mon Mono and DE NF but the DA is hands-down my favorite.:heart:
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  4. I wear a lot of dark denim. I'm too terrified I'd ruin that beautiful DA. I'd pass and keep the Mews.

    But perhaps our wardrobes are different?
  5. If I couldn't stop thinking about a bag for a while then I would definitely get it.
  6. Get it! You won't regret it! Carried mine since April. Took this pic yesterday after work
  7. Please don't sell your mews.. I have been looking for this bag and my SA said it's really no more.. I really like mews and lots of good review about it.
    As for NF.. You can save to get it later. The price is still affordable compare to other bag..
    Good luck on deciding..
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  8. Love my Mews / so happy my SA found one!
  9. I bought the DA delightful in March and I wear lots of dark denim I had color transfer after the second time I took it out. No biggie most of it came off I just remember to carry that side closest to my body. Love the bag and DA color who cares if it gets a mark or two; we only live once.
    Personally I would keep that mews I wanted that bag but just missed getting it. The never full will be around
  10. I say go for it. I have the NF GM in DA and I love it. I think it's the perfect spring and summer print.
  11. I had the DA NF for 5 years and I wear jeans very often and have had no issues with color transfer! I think the SAs make sure to warn customers about it in case it does happen, but in my experience it has been totally okay!! It is honestly the best print and you won't regret it -- I would go for it!
  12. Yeah, go for it but do not sell the Mews. The Neverfull will always be there.;)
  13. I wouldn't sell the mews if I had one. Then again, I plan to sell my pochette Metis and everyone thinks that's crazy.
  14. Well I only have a cles in Damier Azur so I can't comment on a bag. But I did have a cream coloured bag from a contemporary brand that turned blue after wearing it once with a pair of jeggings. As such, I'm not sure I'd be willing to get an Azur. Plus I like the Mews.
  15. I would go for it!
    Not sure why people constantly talk about the colour transfer? I had my Galliera in DA for about 6 years now and no transfer!
    It's a beautiful colour and more care free than you think :smile: xxx