What would you do if you were me? Please help me think.

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  1. First of all, I'm saving up for two m/l classic flaps. However, I will go to the UK in April , that makes me think about getting a WOC. I'm very unsure because if I get a Woc now then it will prolong the process regarding purchasing my two m/l flaps.

    I have a mini flap already. Do I really need a Woc? I saw so many colorful woc from this season and I really like it, but should I wait for something bigger instead even though it will take time?

    Should I keep saving money for funding two m/l flaps or getting a WOC now first? What would you girls do?

    Too many temptations.

    Thank you so much.
  2. It sounds like you already know what you want to get, and keep talking yourself out of a woc, but just want a quick fix in the meantime.
    I say wait for the 2 bags you have your heart set on!
  3. Why don't you plant on getting the first of your two M/L flaps during your trip to UK?
  4. Think about what you really want... Sounds like you had a goal of 2 M/L's, do you even want a WOC? Or is it a tempt fix until you get your 2 mediums? Set a goal and keep it up!!
  5. It sounds like you really want the 2 m/l flaps. Until you have them, you're not going to be fully satisfied. I went through it. I've always wanted an hermes Kelly but since it takes forever to save up, I bought a lot of bags in between but was never 100% satisfied. Now, I'm just saving until i can get my HG bag and constantly talking myself out of buying something in between because the wait is too long. It'll be worth it at the end :smile: good luck!
  6. I'd hold off on the WOC and get the 2 M/L flaps instead since that's what you really want!
  7. Hold off woc and get m/l flap! If u can get one first now even better! :smile:
  8. I would say, try the, all in the store and then go with what your heart says. You might end up walking away with something you had not even considered but looks so good on you that you just got to have it. A mini and a WOC may be similar in that there are small bags. But 2 m/l flaps are exactly the same. Kwim?
  9. Go with what your heart says when you see the bag. Personally I would wait for a medium as the size makes it different to what you have AND as a bag it is very versatile for day-night. I also happen to think they are a bit more WOW than wocs. Woc are cute but not really on the same level as any type of classic double flap! (IMO of course!)
  10. I'd stick to the plan and keep saving for the M/L that you really want. You have a min, which serves basically the same purpose as the WOC, only it holds more.

    chasing my Rainbow
  11. I agree...why 2 m/l flaps? I would get a WOC and 1 m/l flap....and you are right, the WOC colors are amazing this season.
  12. Why don't you get one m/l first and see if you want two m/l?

    I have a m/l and a WOC and I use my WOC a lot more often.

    To me, WOC holds two cell phones, car key and serves as a wallet so it's enough for me. This is pretty much what I put in my m/l anyway.
  13. I'd stick with your plan to continue saving...getting a woc will only set you back some more time and the prices on those will only go up in time. Besides, m/l comes in lots of colors too. You just have to strike when you see the color you like. Hopefully you'll get to your first m/l purchase when the time comes!
  14. Wait and go for the M/L :smile:
  15. You do sound like you need the m/l but not really the woc....Just be patient and save for the m/l~~~ :smile: