what would you do if you recieved a fake bag or wallet as a gift?

  1. I would probably thank them graciously and then put it in my closet out of the way. I would most likely donate to charity or someone who has absolutely nothing in the way of bags.

    It's thought that really counts right???
  2. I'd accept it.. thank them but never wear it.. try to make a thousands excuses for why i dont have it on me.. and if it got bad i'd just say i dont support fakes/replicas or whatever and if shed like it back no problem shes a good friend and i dont even need a gift.. idk something like that haha
  3. Probably wouldn't ever wear it. Maybe hide it or throw it away. I hate fakes/replicas, can't tolerate it. Ugh.
  4. I would graciously accept the gift, send a "thank you" card, and donate it to charity.
  5. i would cry :smile:
  6. Agree ..