what would you do if you recieved a fake bag or wallet as a gift?

  1. A friend of mine gave me a fake gucci wallet as a gift (of course she told me that is a replica, and I actually know that it wasnt really cheap, I guess she thought that would be nice to do); I would never use fakes and I would never deal with them in any way,, I couldnt refuse the gift but I cannot use it or give it to anyone, what would you do with the item if you faced the same situation?
  2. Someone gave me a fake tiny speedy. I gave it to my friends little girl to play with. I also told her mother to throw it out once she lost interest in it. I guess I'm a bit rude because I asked the person who gave it to me not to ever buy me anything fake again. I did explain why though.
  3. I would avoid hurting her ....I'll just use the wallet when I see her....and hide it the rest of the time....
  4. Agreed! Or say someone stole it! :roflmfao:
  5. My friends know my tolerance level on this one and would never give it to me. If it were a co-worker however, I would accept it graciously and then discard it.
  6. This will work. The one I got was from my step dad because he knew how much I liked Lv. He did not really know much about them at the time. Knowing him as I do he was not the least bit insulted and proceeded to buy me the real thing afterwards.
  7. I give them to our household helpers or to our customer's helpers. IMO, I'd rather use a no brand item rather than a replica.
  8. +1

    Giving it away just means it will continue to be gifted, sold, etc.
  9. I would graciously accept it and then I would throw it out. Everyone who knows me who would be close enough to think they would buy me a wallet as a gift would know my tolerance for fakes.
  10. This happened to me. And the worst part was that she got it at a charity auction and bid it to the price if more than a real one!

    It was a relative and it was very kind of her to think of me so I just removed the fake logo and covered the "scar" with a scarf and used the heck out of that thing (at family gatherings only) in a very rough way until it broke because of poor quality. Then to prevent future occurrences, I went shopping with her and got a real one of the brand and declared that now I never need another purse for a very very long time!
  11. the problem is that I really cannot bring myself to use it, even when seeing her. I just cannot tolerate fakes, and I cannot use it with any of my designer handbags, I feel that it is just wrong. I thought of giving it to someone, someone in need but I'm afraid that it would be sold again or something, and I dont want to get it in that cycle again. that's my dilema...
  12. I was lucky in my case that it had a single logo that could be removed and the scar covered up, so basically after I removed the logo it was a generic cheap bag and no longer a fake. But if you can't de-fake yours, like if it's a fake lv with logos all over, it's a more difficult situation. Maybe you could paint over the Gucci logos or something. Or else just destroy it and say that it broke.

  13. it has the Gucci logo all over it :smile: nothing can be done here....

  14. hmmm...my auntie gave me a fake lv wallet on my bday two years ago. i never wear it. i gave it to my 5 yo daughter to put her "money" ;).