What would you do if you got this email after selling a bag?

  1. [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial]"I have returned the “Michael Kors” hobo bag by priority mail, insured and confirmed delivery. I am disappointed that you would sell me this as a good leather item. Please refund the amount I paid to my Paypal account as soon as you receive the package."[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial]It's this http://couture.zappos.com/n/p/dp/4480882/c/6.html [/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial]It was brand new and still had the retail tag attached for $795.[/FONT]

    I emailed her back (none of this was over eBay's message system) that she can't just return something because of the fees involved, but it sounds like she already sent it.:confused1:

    Do I refuse it, or what?
    hobo bag.jpg
  2. That's a new one. Why exactly is she unhappy with the bag?
  3. She didn't say. There wasn't anything wrong with the bag so I have to assume she just didn't like it.
  4. I would call PayPal & ask what you should do. Does your listing say anything in regards to returns????

    I think her actions are completely inapropriate & she is just attempting to bully you into a return.

    I have never had this happened to me w/ eBay BUT the only advice I can offer is that when I purchased a laptop & it went AWOL in the mail & then showed up about a month later, my cc company said to refuse it/return to sender because they couldn't charge me for goods I didn't have, KWIM?

    So... I am thinking contact PayPal ASAP & then maybe refuse her package????

    Please let us know what happens! What a NUTBAG! What's her feedback like?
  5. Well, she should send it back to you with a signature required. I would refuse it until you find out what PP says.
  6. I had this happen with a seller a while back. Perhaps it's the same crazy women. :sad: I would also refuse and tell her no refunds period. What did your auction state? Buyer's remorse? It really depends on how your auction was set up and what your tos was.
  7. Id refuse it.

    Unless you have a refund policy. Then, you got to take it back....then relist!
  8. You have a double edge sword here. If she paid with a credit card and returns it you have to take it back. If you refuse it there is still a good chance that her credit card company will reverse the charge. In that case there is a good chance that Pay Pal will reverse the charge on you.

    When you call Pay Pal ask to talk to a senior staff member. This is not cut and dried.

    I'd like to know what they say and the outcome of this. If you wouldn't mind could you post the outcome when this is resolved?

    Thanks! At least you will have your bag bag and can resell it.
  9. There is one other consideration. I learned this from the eBay purse board. Did you put a tyvek marker on the bag? I've heard -- never seen first hand -- that buyers have returned replica bags after buying authentic ones from sellers. Can you believe that one?

    It is strongly advised to put one of these tyvek tags on any bag that is expensive and explain to your buyer that if that tag--people put their marks on the tags and sometimes on the bags in a black light ink--is removed the bag cannot be returned.
  10. Good point, bait and switch. I guess in all honesty you have to take it back. You can always leave her a negative to warn others.
  11. It is inappropriate not to talk to you first... apparently she did not make a dispute with paypal ? did she leave you feedback?
  12. I had someone try this same exact thing with me a short time ago.

    Despite my "no returns" policy, she sent back a bag without my permission. I refused the package and returned it unopened back to the post office that day. She then filed a dispute thru PayPal and they put a hold on the funds. I immediately escalated the dispute to a claim. One month later - PayPal sided with me and returned the money back into my account. I was thrilled!
  13. If I were you I would email her and ask what the problem was with the bag. I don't know what your return policy is but when I sell on ebay I don't take returns if people just change there mind. I always suggest people buy insurance so if they don't and the bag is damaged in transit I am not responsible. I would also contact ebay and paypal immedietly and let them know. Ask them if you should accept the bag bag or return to sender.
    I would think that if the buyer doesn't respnd to your emails they will side with you.
  14. Weird! Do you've return policy?? Such she make over purch & try to get her money by return it to you anyway, she'd discuss with you first.
  15. i agree to ask her why she wants to return it. have you checked to see what else she bought recently? perhaps that email was meant for another seller and not you?