What would you do if you got a fantastic deal on NWT item that came used/smelly

  1. So I bought a hard to find item that retails for $298.00 new. Its hard to find now, and I had thought buying one for $99 NWT was a great deal. It arrived to me blatantly used, it reeked of perfume (which I am allergic to), and there were no tags to be seen anywhere.

    Given that it is a hard to find item, and I got a good price, but it was listed as NWT and is actually used without tags, what do you think I should do? What would you do?
  2. I would contact seller for a refund.. its def not the item you thought you were getting. I undertsand it was a good deal but you bought a new WITH TAGS and received a used with smell bag... if they do not refund you can get your money back in paypal.
  3. I would file a not as described dispute and ask the seller to take it back. I wouldn't keep an item that is described as NWT when it is clearly not that. The other option is if you can get it cleaned, and you really like it, it might be worth keeping....
  4. If you still want it, contact the seller and ask them how they would like to remedy the situation.
  5. I would recommend contacting the seller first. They might offer to partially refund the amount it would cost you to get it cleaned, or they might refund it altogether. Is it really badly used? If not, have it cleaned and keep it since it's so hard to find. It all depends on if you really want it or not. But I would def. contact the seller to alert them of the problem. I hate when things come not as described!
  6. I'd definitely ask for at least a partial refund or return it. If you really like it, try to get it professionally cleaned.

    To get rid of smells I've used Febreze (on the inside lining) and laundry fabric softener sheets. I just got a wallet that reeked of smoke (advertised as mint condition with no odors)... and it's helped a bit. Also, air it out as much as possible...

    I know perfume is really tough to deal with, and the smell will linger much longer than most other odors. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that!
  7. This is the sellers response:
    hi. this item was NOT used. The tag was included...check the interior
    pocket dear. I do not misrepresent my items-see my feedback

    Ok, so I checked her feedback and she has like 700 transactions on eBay and 18 negatives for items that were either misrepresented (Ex. being NWT or New condition)

    What do I/should I make of that?
  8. Well if she refuses to give a refund file a SNAD claim on eBay. Or, file a Paypal claim for SNAD and force her to resolve the issue.
  9. I agree. This seller thinks she can get away with misrepresenting her items. She should be kicked out of Ebay.
  10. Use Toolhaus to collate her negatives and link it back to her, saying that it's clear that she makes a habit of misrepresenting her items, and that you really would like to work things out with her without having to resort to opening a dispute, leaving a negative, and filing mail fraud. Usually they will be more accomodating after that. If not, go ahead and pursue those methods. Also, try to give her a phone call. Most people are mean online, but are perfectly nice on the phone.

  11. Wow! What a rude response! I would file a claim since she's so rude and obviously misrepresents her items. I'd ask for a full refund. You can probably find another of this item on ebay if you're willing to wait.
  12. Well heres the link to the auction. You can see her feedback has a lot of negatives, but im still not sure how to approach her about it.


    I have 4 negatives too (as a buyer) if you were wondering about it. Only one is justified though, the others were retaliatory!

    Here is the toolhaus link to the negatives/neutrals of the seller. How do you think I should approach the situation?

  13. ****Sigh, I should have done my homework
  14. I think if she wont' give you a refund, file a SNAD through Paypal and get your money back.
  15. How unfortunate. And she was so condisending "dear". I would file a dispute, since she clearly isn't willing to listen and has done this before.