What Would You Do If This Happened To You???

  1. I will try and make a long story short! Ok, I sold a bag on eBay, $1300.00 plus $10.00 international shipping. $10.00 INT shipping? I know, don't ask!
    Anyways, for whatever reason the buyer was unable to pay via Bidpay and that is the only service that I use. So she very nicely and quickly agreed to do a bank wire transfer. I gave her an out and told her that I would not be upset if she did not want to complete the transaction. Though she had no problems with the bank wire. Nice.
    So, since I am a push over :nuts: I discounted the price to $1275.00 to make up for her trouble of having to go and do the wire and for the wire fee that she would have to pay.
    Yes, I am very nice :smile:

    Then when I get the wire it is for even less, $1255.00 instead of $1275.00. I immediately emailed her asking what happened. She states that she was shocked and has no idea. She told me that her bank paperwork requests $1275.00 USD. So she has no idea what happened. I haven't seen her bank paperwork.

    So I already discounted it $35.00 and now I lost another $20.00. Plus shipping has to come out of the $1255.00. So now I am really loosing. That $20.00 would have really helped. She has been very nice (all via email) and said that in the next 2-3 days she will so to the bank and see what happened to the missing $20.00.

    My bank charged me $7.50 to receive the wire, though I am fine with that.

    So, now that this story is super long...........WHAT WOULD YOU DO? WOULD YOU INSIST ON THE ADDITIONAL $20.00 BEFORE SHIPPING SINCE IT WAS THE AGREED UPON PRICE OR WOULD YOU JUST LET IT GO AND LET IT BE A LESSON LEARNED? I guess it all comes down to a personal decision, but I would really like some input please!
  2. IMO, i understand the lost of the amount of money, whenever i do a wire transfer to overseas acc, my bank always asked if i want teh receiver to get the full amount or not?
    and i said yes i would handle teh fee, adn it will costs me 20$.
    i think that's where u lose the money.

    and although it pained to lose so much money on ur side, it would cost her another around 20$ fee to send u the loss.

    i don't know what i would do in ur situation honestly considering u're being so generous and all but i hope the buyer's would realize how nice u were and give u the loss by sending u more money.
  3. I hope they do too.......I guess what bothers me most is that I already gave a discount of $35.00, even though I knew the wire would only cost her $10-$20 to send it. So one would think that she would not charge me for her fee too. Hince, I already discounted it $35! If I were the buyer I would just eat my mistake and send the seller the correct amount. I would be afraid that the seller would not send the item without the whole amount!!! That only makes sense! Though she says the bank made the mistake, so they should do it again for no charge. But it's eBay and you never know who or what you are dealing with!?!
  4. what might have happened is that she doesn't know about the fees involved, maybe this is her first bank transfer? maybe the bank didn't ask but she had to tick like a box??

    anyways, that is her problem, not yours. look at it this way. if she has to pay fees now for the $20, it would be the amount she would have had to pay anyways. yes, she will have to send you the full amount IMO. also, for the next time, if you haven't agreed on a discount prior to sale, I wouldn't discount again. fine if buyers want to bargain but you don't owe them any gifts, if you ask me. once the sale is done, it is done. I think you are a very nice seller!!!!! don't send the bag, and pay some more yourself.
  5. Yes you are very nice!
    If this was me, I'd just ask her to send a check for 20.
    It will be easier and "fee less" in the long run.

    She'll probably do it as she probably wants the feedback.

    I think most ebayers are good people!
  6. I think I would see if she would send you the additional funds. To protect yourself, make sure that you send the bag with some sort of tracking overseas, just in case she is trying to scam you.
  7. Can't use western union? I know they aren't free but their fees are less than banks. I was wiring money through intermediary banks and they were helping themselves with fees. I went straight western union it was cheaper. Then I find out that my credit union was using western union to do the wiring.
  8. Problem is that she is an international buyer, (I am in US and she is in Singapore) so not sure how her sending a check would work??

    So are you both saying that I SHOULD or SHOULD NOT ship until I have all funds? Which since I offered the discount, it is only the $20.00 that is in question. Should I chop it up to experience or insist that she send the missing $20.?? I so hate to be a meany........but I guess I need to stand my ground!

  9. Definitely, with full tracking and insurance it will be approx $43.00. She sent a bank wire, so not sure how she can scam me. Some would worry that I might scam her. I know that sounds awful . I just don't know if I should insist on the $20 or not. If her bank made the error then they should fix it. (I work for a bank so I know how all this works). What also got me is that she wanted me to send it, and then in 2-3 days she would go to her bank and inquire about the $20.00 She said that she would send the additonal $$ plus pay for my bank wire fees too, ONLY if her bank does not charge her to do another wire.....................I don't know, I should just ship it and shut up! Lesson learned, hopefully!
  10. Honestly, after all the discounting that you have already done, I would hold off on shipping until she sends the remaining $20.
  11. I recently went through a similar situation and finally just ate the $40 loss and chalked it up to a lesson learned. At least you don't have to worry about chargebacks or pay paypal fees.
    You are definitely nice!
  12. Off topic but important -

    LV Rawks:

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  13. I feel pathetic, but I know deep down I would waive this amount. On the other hand if I were the buyer, I'd insist on ensuring you received the full amount - especially as you have alerted her to the difference.

    I'd try to find out why the amount was less than expected - fees, charges or other? That might influence my decision, and would certainly allow me to feel I'd learned enough to avoid this in future. However, bottom line - I am soppy and do not belong in a business environment!
  14. FYI - with BidPay - If you are in the US and the bidder is in Canada, that's the problem. The bidder has to have funds in a US Bank to use BidPay.

  15. My buyer is in Singapore and Bidpay did not approve her credit card transaction because she did not have enough eBay feedback and because the $$ amount of the item was so high. That is why she did the bank wire transfer.