What would you do if most of your friends leave you??

  1. :sad: Guys, what would you do if most of your friends leave you? :cry:
  2. Meet new ones!
  3. Agree. Excellent opportunity to do so. BTW... all my friends moved away.. met some new ones and happy as a clam. :smile:
  4. I would def be bummed! I do LOVE my girls!

    I'll prolly be moping a bit with 'em via IM or email, then it's off to making new friends! :yes:
  5. :sad: Actually, that's why I joined this forum. To meet new people and hopefully new friends.:search:

    Is it true? That for one to truly move on, you've got to burn (the old) bridges? and make new ones?:true:
  6. they already did. :crybaby: we're all "grown ups" now, with lives in different cities, and only see each other a couple times a year. you just have to make new ones (which i know is WAY easier said than done....still working on it three years later! :biggrin:)

    don't burn bridges though! that doesn't accomplish anything!
  7. nothing. don't really have too many....
    one, two ..... and a half. yup thats it. 2 1/2. why the half? sometimes she's a nut! no- actually she's always nutty and i sometimes put up with her- if im in a good mood.

    hey krisnikki- i was in the philippines 2 weeks ago! should have met up with u then for a quick visit! (first time for me- boracay is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!)
  8. meet new ones....
    although i have some very best friends in college, i can't meet them that often anymore npw, even our chat is not that flowing as before.
    we live in different worlds now.
    i've made new friends where i'm more comfortable to talk now. we changed, people changed, our career changed.
    but that doesn't mean they're not my best friends anymore.
    i'll still be there when they needed me.

    i think every friend has their own portion, there are some friends to talk about ideas, to talk about lifes, to talk about shopping, to talk about relationship.
    you just can't have it all in one person and one person only.
  9. Cebu!!! B!! ehehehe Girl, you'll meet alot of wonderful people here.

    Suzie--boracay is indeed gorgeous!!! You should try Bohol next time. I think there's a new dive resort. Not sure of the name though :biggrin:
  10. they didn't leave me. i left - for another country.

    i miss all of them to tears. :crybaby:
  11. try to make new ones. it's really hard... i'm going through that right now and feeling very antisocial. i really have to try and get out more and just be more friendly.

    hang in there... i'm sure you'll find some people to be friends with soon.
  12. aww....you can always meet new people, make new friends... like everyone else has already said. do you still keep in touch with your old friends? even if you live in a different places, you can always chat or e-mail. i know it's easier said than done, but cheer up!

    i still have a few close friends that live in the same area. also, many of my college friends live in different states now... they pretty much went wherever there was a better job offer, or for continuing their education. i still keep in touch with some, but things change, and people change... it's not the same as it used to be. i'm ok with it, though. it doesn't change how i feel about my friends. if i can, i try to call them up or even plan visits when i have the time.
  13. Realize they were not really friends!:shrugs:
  14. Yes i realized that with a few who baled out when my marriage broke up. It's hard but I just come here now :smile:
  15. Nothing like a bit of hardship to find out who they really are...(I'm sorry it didn't work out, BagAngel, but we're still here:smile:) (found a new word yet?, I'm so pathetic, I should go to bed, not even very good at that game..:rolleyes:)