what would you do? i feel ripped off :(

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  1. i posted this same scenario under an older and different thread but was afraid that i may not get an answer so... i'm creating a new thread to get some feedback...

    i went to the dior outlet store at woodbury commons yesterday and found an amazing bag at an amazing price! (i am attaching a piture of the same style - but what i bought had the navy blue logo fabric and dark brown leather flap)

    it was originally $1500 - factory outlet price on the tag shows $750... it was on sale for an ADDITIONAL 50% off!!! only thing is, even though the sticker showd $750 - which I just noticed this morning, the tag on the shelf was marked $820 written in pen...

    i bought it, thinking it was $820 plus the additional 50% off... but i feel ripped off coz the actual computer generated tag showed a lower outlet store price...

    i want to call them up and let them know (so they can make the adjustment on their end before this happens to someone else).. of course i am hoping that they would make the price adjustment - afterall, that is $70 back into my debit card!!

    what would you do?
    what do you think my chances are??

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  2. I'd phone them and explain. it's worth a try and you may get some money back!
  3. oops, correction, it's actually about a $38 difference including tax - not $70 :smile:
  4. It's worth a try!
  5. Always worth a try- the only thing I worry about is that they may be very busy with the holiday today & not give you the attention you need, in order to get you off the phone.
    Maybe wait until tomorrow?
  6. So what you are saying is that they discounted you 50% off the $820 price, instead of the $750 price?

    I'd probably call early in the day before the crowds start coming in, if it already hasn't. Or you might try Tuesday morning, after the crowds have died down, you might get a more receptive SA on the phone who will actually have time to make the corrections right there and then.
  7. i called at 9 to beat the crowd and spoke with one of the sa's and she said that the bags were marked incorrectly and that the correct outlet price was "definitely" $820... :confused1:

    i explained that the bag on display was marked $820 with a pen on a piece of paper... the bag that was given to me, on the other hand, had the actual computer generated sticker with the model number and bar code... and it clearly showed "Our Price: $750.00"

    she said, it was probably a typo and that "i still got it for an additional 50% off anyway"...

    this is true, and i am happy that i got a good bargain... i bought the bag thinking it was $820! but that's beside the point... it's still 50% off the wrong price... :nogood:

    my dh was so sweet and offered to drive me back there to settle it... but i told him nevermind.. it would have been an hour drive for us and i just wanted to stay home and relax... i am going there next weekend tho to show some out of towners around... i'll have to delay carrying my new baby :smile:
  8. To be honest for $38 I'd let it lie and enjoy your new bag. Is it worth the agro?
  9. ..i just spoke with the manager and she said that there is nothing she could do about it... she said whatever price came up from scanning the bar code is what it is supposed to be...

    oh well... i tried:shrugs:
  10. no, not really worth the aggravation.. but a couple of phone calls didn't hurt... i wouldn't have gone beyond that...
  11. Absolutely- it was worth phoning! It was just your comment about not using the bag yet made me assume that you were going to take it back to the shop.
  12. With gas over $3 a gallon, it is not worth your time or money to drive back to the store.
    You got a great deal on a bag you love, so enjoy it and be very glad you did not pay full retail!!
  13. well, i am actually going back this weekend anyway because i'm having some guests over (out-of-towners)and they wanted to go there since they've heard so much good stuff about woodbury commons... i was only going to hold off on using my purse until then...

    too bad they missed the memorial weekend sale...
  14. exactly.. not to mention tolls! i wasn't planning on going there today anyway since i knew i have to go back there next weekend... the drive alone was a pain if it weren't for the sidewalk sales...

    and, i absolutely am happy about my purchase and excited to carry it tomorrow :yahoo: