What would you do? Holy Grail Question...

  1. So...hypothetically speaking, of course:angel: ...
    Let's say that a nice girl...we'll call her "X"...had a Holy Grail B-Bag for quite a long time. Probably a year and a half. But then X lost interest and moved onto other bags. Never once saw this HG bag ANYWHERE. Suddenly, she's spotted one on an auction site. Does X bid on it with money she barely has, just for the sake of finally owning this bag? Or does she accept that the time for this bag has come and gone?
    Please help X, she is not very good at this.
  2. If "X" really still likes the HG then I would buy it and then be on a ban for a few months...unil Fall comes. What bag is it?:graucho:
  3. I think I would advise X to think about this- how would X feel if X went back to the auction and discovered someone had already purchased her Holy Grail?
  4. There is no BIN on this auction so X is safe.
    MRG- X wishes to keep the identity of the bag a secret. Telling which bag it is might influence people's decisions- they would start to fawn over how wonderful it would be to own that bag, and then where would X be?
    JulieH- Trust me, X is doing more than her share of thinking about this one...
  5. Does X have any other bags she can sell to afford the HG?
  6. I totally understand! IMO, as long as you are not using money that needs to go to important things like school, kids, food or shelter...you should get it if and only if it is your HG!
  7. ME: enabler
    You: Have to BUY IT!
  8. Is it really still X's HG or is it just the thrill of being able to acquire a rare bag? One problem I tend to have is that I get excited when I see a highly sought after bag, even though it really isn't what I want. I have to remember to stick to what suits me, rather than what everyone else seems to like.
  9. I just bought a holy grail from last year even though I stopped thinking about it and shouldnt be buying anything right now.

    Worst case, I get it and resell if I feel the money is more important. Or sell another bag....of which I am already doing just in case.

    So tell X to go with her gut. Only X knows if she has ways to come up with the money she needs.
  10. "Never once saw this HG bag ANYWHERE."

    that would be the clincher for me...since this bag is so rare, get it or it will keep you up at night, infiltrate your sleep and haunt you. (trust me, i know of which i speak...how nutty is it that i dream of bags?)...anyway, if it is really rare and you find yourself in a financial crunch afterwards, you can sell it. at least it would have been in your possession for a little while.

  11. ITA...I have to remind myself of this too sometimes!
  12. Man, this is hard!! I feel for you. If you, I mean, X still want this bag after all this time, then I say go for it.

    There have been many times when I have obsessed with a bag, gotten it and then after a while, I lose interest. If X is still thinking about this bag after all this time, instead of thinking "Why on earth did I ever want that bag....."

    Then I say GO FOR IT! Life is too short so enjoy it the best way possible :yes:
  13. If it is truly still your holy grail and you are not taking the money from necessities, GET IT!
    It is a bag that you would use or just one that you wnat to own?
  14. This is what X doesn't know. It might still be her HG but she did abandon the idea a while ago.
    X has a few rare bags already and I don't think that's influencing her decision, as she doesn't know anyone else who is going crazy for this bag.
    Shasta- Correction: You= EVIL!!!;)

  15. Totally agree with SpecialK :yes: ! I've already done this myself ;) so I'd suggest to X 'do it if you can' :drool: