What would you do? Gia satchel...

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    So a few of the croc embossed Gia satchels and a couple of python Gia satchels are now marked down in the MK boutique. All I really want to start off with is the basic Gia satchel in cinnamon (don't get me wrong...I like this bag in several colours :graucho: and textures but totally loving the plain one in cinnamon, orange or orange whip stitch).

    I don't think I'll spring for any of the python bags although the solid vanilla python is very classic & neutral...I've never actually been into Croc anything but it's a good deal...it's a tan med brown shade $599. I did not even ask about the python versions but I can always go back tomorrow. What do you all think? Is passing up the croc a bad thing? Maybe if it were black croc I'd like it more...hmmm.
  2. I personally don't like the croc embossed so I'd pass as well. If it's not something you'll love, why not keep the $$ and save for the bag you'll LOVE even if it does cost a little more. If it's a bag you love, it will make you happy owning it and you'll probably carry it a lot more as well :smile:
  3. Thank you for the input and reassurance. Yea, no wonder it's on sale...not as popular. Lucky for those who do crave croc...the colour isn't the prettiest either.
  4. The tan croc embossed didn't do well. One of my assistants picked it up in Nordtroms at $300
    I think its the only one that I've noticed that went down on sale that much. It didn't do well.
    I have the Gia Satchel both in ivory and in orange. I do love this style bag. Very Classic IMO
  5. I am a fan of the Gia handbag:heart:. I don't own any due to the price being out of my range. If you don't LOVE it I would wait till you find the one you really love, especially for that price. I am sure you will find another bag in the near future.
  6. I'm right there with you, the first time I saw the Gia satchel in the turquoise croc embossed, I was in love and has been on my wish list, however, I've purchased a couple of other bags while waiting for the price to come down. Thanks for the heads up on the mark down!