What would you do? Dot on new lambskin mini...

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I purchased a lambskin light pink mini through a personal shopper. When I got the bag, I noticed that there was a small black/dark green dot on one of the center quilts on the front flap. I tried to take some photos, but they didn't come out very well. I know the dot is small, but to me, it looks pretty noticeable because the bag is so light, and the dot is right in the middle of the front of the bag :cry: I tried using a little Meltonian on the dot, but it didn't budge at all.

    Would you keep the bag, or try sending it back to the personal shopper to have them exchange it?

    Unfortunately, Chanel boutiques in the US aren't carrying this color so there's no way for me to exchange myself. Does anyone know if it's possible to receive a refund from a receipt if the name listed isn't my name?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I'm sorry this happened to you, I heard this pink mini from this season sold out in UK but not sure about other places. Can you try to post a pic of it? You can ask your PS about a refund or exchange but I'm not sure if you even want to deal with the hassle. Maybe try see if your Botique can give you store credit or something if you have the Botique original receipt even if it's not under your name. GL!
  3. Personally I wouldn't keep a brand new bag that had a dot on it. I've never used a personal shopper, but perhaps you can contact them for an exchange. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
  4. Do you think you could try taking a picture again? It's hard to say without seeing it :sad:
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    Also, can I ask which personal shopper you purchased from? I purchased the same mini through a PS in London and I can reach out to her and see if she can help you find another one if yours isn't able to locate another?
  6. Without the pics it's hard to tell

    But your first step should be take pics and talk to the PS!
  7. I would return this if possible. This dot is going to drive you crazy.
  8. A dot on a brand new bag is unacceptable! You should contact the Personal Shopper and let them know and see what they can offer as they should have never sent you a bag that wasn't carefully inspected first...
  9. Thanks everyone, I did contact the personal shopper right away. Unfortunately, it did not go well.....
    Here is a photo of the dot. It is very small, but I think I would always see it when I see the bag, and it would bother me. It's also a little more noticeable in person, I think...

    At first, she offered to have me send it back to her so she could exchange it at the store. However, she started to backtrack on that right away. She said that she probably couldn't find another bag, and she blamed the dot on US customs, saying that they probably opened the package and caused the mark.

    When I told her the package was neatly wrapped in its original tape still, so customs probably didn't open the package, she started insisting that it wasn't her fault, because her photos don't show any dot. However, the original photos she showed me were very small and low resolution (not to mention the only front flap picture I was sent prior to getting the package was from rather far away, as it's a far shot of 2 bags...), so I don't think the dot would show up on there anyway.

    After I told her the photos were small and the dot probably wouldn't have shown up, she started getting extremely angry, and sent me multiple angry emails at once. She claimed I was accusing her of putting the dot on the bag. I explained politely that I never made that accusation and I didn't think that at all (in fact in my initial email I referred to it as a defect). Instead, I told her it was very likely a Chanel defect, as there are many complaints of defects in brand new bags, including spots and marks on the bag. I told her that because it is a defect, she should be able to bring the bag back to the boutique for store credit (it's still within the 14 day period).

    Her last email said that it's not her problem (again because of the photos), and that "in France we don't just bring the bag back to the boutique and say there's a defect."

    I'm not sure I have any recourse as I (stupidly) trusted her due to one prior successful transaction and therefore agreed to use Paypal Friends & Family (big mistake!!). :sad:

    I do have the original invoice, but as it's not in my name (and the name has been crossed out in pen), I don't think a Chanel boutique in the US will accept it either.

  10. Perhaps bring it into your local Chanel and say it was a gift (or call/contact an SA in advance)? It is brand new and you do have the receipt so maybe they can remove the dot somehow.

    I'm sorry this personal shopper is being so rude, especially when you weren't accusing her of anything.
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    Oh wow. I can't believe she's being so rude :/ I'm really angry that she has the nerve to treat a customer that way. I've been in contact with her and almost purchased through her but opted not to because I didn't feel that she had a very warm personality that would make purchasing a Chanel bag a special moment. And she's kind of been on a rampage lately on Instagram Maybe try bringing it to your local Chanel and see if they can clean it off?
  12. She actually posted a light pink mini that her customer from the US is selling. Is it yours? There's no mention of the dot you mentioned. If it's your bag I'd hope she'd be clear about what she's selling
  13. Can you please post the picture? I'm curious what it looks like.
  14. Wow, her attitude would make me want to return the bag completely - I'm so sorry that happened!

    I second what other posters have said and try bringing it into a boutique and say it was a gift - see what they can do for you and take it from there.
  15. I'm sorry this happened to you. It is a good example of something that should be discussed before buying from a personal shopper. I know in Europe, exchanges are more difficult than in the US, but she should have this addressed with her buying partners. It would be good to share this shoppers name so no one else goes down this path.

    As others have suggested, I would take it to a boutique and see what can be done. It might easily be removed.

    I guess you have to ask yourself what the dot is worth to you if you need to return and incur shipping expense etc etc. It also depends if there is another bag available.