What would you do buyer wants to pay via a diffrent account? urgent help needed!!!

  1. hi sorry about late reply i have been away last few days i have tried to pay via paypal but my account has reached its monthly limit and i have to get a code to increase it is it ok that i send from my friends account instead of waiting ?

    This is what she wrote, what should I do ?
  2. hmmm, it is possible, but it would completely depend on her feedback and how long she has been a registered user.

    Just the very fact that she has not been in touch for a few days would be be setting off alarm bell for me :sad:
  3. I paid once from a friends account, but that was because I had yet to set up my on P.p. account and it worked out ok, the auction was in my name but, it was shipped to my friend.

    I did'nt know paypal had a limit though? Sorry can't help you just wanted to share.
  4. paying with a different account wont alter your seller protection, unless the other account is not confirmed. I've taken payments from different accounts all the time.
  5. As long as you ship to the address on the other account, you should be pretty safe.