What would you do? Buyer sent payment, but I want to refund

  1. Hello Ladies,

    Quick question. I listed a nice electronic "smartphone" gadget on eBay today and received a BIN with instant payment. As I am going through the details on PayPal I notice that the buyer is not verified- which I state in my auctions that you must be (especially for large ticket items). I emailed the seller and told them that I was holding the item until they verified themselves. Needless to say, I got a message back in "txt msg greek" saying why do they need to be verified and how they couldnt do it because they were busy, yada, yada, but really needed phone. (Which I find weird because I snooped and saw that buyer bought one last week on eBay.) I just feel really unsure about this transaction and I have a few other people inquiring about it. I was to refund the money and relist the item. What do you think? What would you do?

  2. verified doesn't matter. what you are concerned with for buyers is whether her address is confirmed. is it confirmed?
  3. It says, "Confirmed" in green below the address.

    I am just POed that the buyer didn't bother to read my terms and conditions.
  4. if it says the buyer is confirmed you shouldn't have any problems
  5. well, since the address is confirmed, and verified doesn't matter for buyers, i would send her the thing she has bought and paid for despite your terms. maybe she just assumed you meant confirmed, since that is what sellers who want to be covered under seller protection require.
  6. They bought at pda phone last week from another seller and are telling me today that it doesnt work. I just don't want to get screwed.
  7. Verified only means that they are not using just a credit card to fund their PayPal account. Unverified accounts only have a credit card attached to them. Lots of people choose not to provide their checking account information. To be honest, I don't blame them. You should be concerned with the address, not their funding source. If the address is confirmed, you are ok. You can't make someone add their checking account to verify their account. I know you don't want to get screwed, so maybe you should refund the sale and advise the buyer that you are not comfortable completing the sale.
  8. If they have all positive feedback, should not matter. I have close to 1500 feedbacks so I'm a good authority. LOL
  9. i agree, their address is confirmed, you've been paid, so i would go ahead and send the item
  10. ^^ditto.
  11. As long as it is confirmed it is not a problem. If you refund you could get hit with a negative to!
  12. I completely understand how you feel. It seems like most buyers never read terms and conditions before they bid lately. I've gotten a few people like that recently.

    I would go ahead and send it too if it is a confirmed address. Since it sounds like the buyer bought another one that doesn't work I would just protect yourself a little more than normal. Take pictures of the device on and working and save the e-mails about the one that's broken in case they were to file a SNAD claim.
  13. The device is brand new and in order to know if it works, I wouldn't be able to sell it as brand new.

    I have pictures of it and I keep all of my emails. I also sent the package with insurance and delivery confirmation- was included in shipping cost. Could just say the post office broke it. :p

    Thanks for all your help! :biggrin:
  14. I would be annoyed as well, but AGREE with everyone that as long as the buyer has a confirmed paypal address, you should feel safe. If you aren't comfortable with the transaction, cancel it. Ultimately it's on you!