What Would You Do? Bag Not as Described


Aug 30, 2007
I wanted to get everyone's opinion on the following situation. I bought a bag on ebay that was supposed to be new and in perfect condtition. The bag arrived and it came with significant damage on the side that was not pictured or mentioned on the listing. I emailed the seller and was very nice about it, thinking that maybe it was just overlooked. Well, the seller just got downright nasty, they did not apologize, etc. Completely unprofessional.

I sent the bag back and asked for a full refund including return ship. The seller got the bag back and immediately sent a cancel transaction without refunding - the seller said that they wanted to follow ebay policy and cancel the transaction before a refund could be processed. I knew that wasn't true, so I called the seller out on it. I told them I would agree to the cancellation only after a full refund including return shipping was sent. Well, they refunded the buy it now price only - I have been waiting for the payment to clear, and it just did today.

And then, the unusual part, while I was waiting for the refund to clear the seller accidentally sent an email to me that was supposed to go to someone else referring to another SNAD issue. They sold a dress to someone not as described. The seller mentioned how they planned to keep the returned dress and not refund the poor buyer, and was laughing about it in the email (yes, they wrote, "Woohoo" and "hahaha"). From all this, it is easy to see that the selller is downright shady, and I wonder if I had agreed to the cancellation when they told me it was "ebay policy before refunding" if they would have really refunded me.

What would you do in this case? Would you decline the cancellation? This all just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


Coach, Dooney, Uggs
Feb 25, 2007
East Coast, USA
I would decline the cancellation. What a tacky Seller.
Yes, decline the cancellation. If you ignore and don't respond, she'll get her FVF back after a week but if you decline it, she won't get the credit.

This seller also deserves (IMO) appropriate feedback and star dings.


Aug 30, 2007
it could be! it was the strangest email, i can only imagine how angry that buyer must be! maybe i can report the email to ebay for bad seller behavior


I Bleed Orange
Feb 1, 2010
Is there any way to find the buyer of the dress and give her a heads-up? Mayber through Feedback left? I'd let eBay know too.
Apr 15, 2007
without question, you should decline the cancellation in addition you should

leave appropraite feedback & ding her stars... as far as the e-mail

goes, you could send it back to the seller after you have declined the

cancellation with an appropriate note...if you want to....this is a nasty

seller... would you like to share her info? ...


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Mar 28, 2006
Montgomery, AL
I would not agree to a mutual cancellation. Also, you got back the purchase price, did you pay for shipping? Was it refunded? If not I think I would open a case with Ebay to get it. Opening a case gives the seller a ding on their record and lets Ebay see there may be a problem. This seller deserves it.