What would you do? Bad Ebay Choices....

  1. Ok...I am NOT having a good night. A while back the LV MONO Pouchette I'd lent my sons girlfield was stolen while they were out...so I'd been thinking about getting a cerise pouchette as a replacement for a long long time...lo and behold..one came up on ebay.. buy it now and it was a great price. Hit the BIN! Got it a few days later...beautiful authentic...however Ok...This is the problem. As I said I got it...added my extender to it...threw it over my arm and said...Oh this is "sweet"...it is just so NOT working for me. I am so beyond "sweet" . What was I thinking??? :nuts: It's cute, it's just NOT me...

    Second item...Keepall came up...kinda broken in, no problem. It was a 60. I so wanted a replacement for the one i'd sold years ago. I hit the BIN...it arrived today. It didn't look right. It's authentic...Broke in, however...it's a 55. It's NOT a 60. I'm not happy with it. Yes, I got a great price on it too, however...it wasn't what I ordered.:cursing:

    What would you do about my LV problems...Need some advice from the LV crew...Thanks

  2. I would sell the Cerise. It's a hot LE, so you can probably recoup what you got for it, and go and get yourself what you really want. The Keepall is not what you want, but since you got a great price, maybe you could test-drive it in your house to see if you mind the difference? In the Keepall case, if the difference really bothers you that much, ask the seller if you can return if for a refund minus shipping and ebay fees. If they won't take it back, try bringing it up to the ebay resolution department.
  3. Diane, sorry to hear about your LV problems. How about re-selling them on eBay or taking them to a consignment shop?:idea: And how nice were you to lend your son's girlfriend your LV pochette!!!:nuts:
  4. I really feel for you on this one DamierLover... I have over 300 feedback on eBay, 90% are from buying things and I think I still have about 2 items that I bought over the years.

    Everything else was misrepresented, didn't fit or totally not what I was hoping for.

    My advice is to sell the bags anyway you can and recoup any money you can and then QUIT EBAY!!!

    I have learned the hard way that it is not worth it and you are better off paying more to get EXACTLY what you want at retail price instead of getting a bargain on something you didn't want.
  5. I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem reselling the cerise pochette. As for the Keepall I would try and return it, if the seller advertised it as a 60 and it's a 55 they should take it back. Good luck!!
  6. Sell it if you don't love it. Get something else you'll love with the $$$.

  7. What would yield a higher profit--selling through consignment or on ebay? I always thought that consignment shops charge a fairly high fee, but maybe i'm wrong?
  8. I think you should sell it on ebay, I think you might get more money. Hopefully more knowledable ladies can tell you! But you should definetly sell and buy something you actually really love!
  9. Ok...Here goes...Irene, when I was lending my Mono pouchette to my son's "then" girlfriend my husband was saying to me as they were pulling out the driveway that "I hope you said goodbye to that bag because you will NEVER see it again" and he was oh so sadly right. Of course they didn't tell me for weeks what "really" happened to it.:cursing: Guess because they didn't "really know themselves.:wtf: I no longer "loan" my LV's out for any reason.

    Shari...I sometimes have good luck on ebay and now obviously I had very bad luck. At least they were authentic pieces I received. I got scammed for BIG $$$ a few years ago and was scared off of Ebay for a LONG time. I will blame only myself this time around.:shame:

    For instance. I love:love: LV cerise pieces...But I think I am TOO OLD :sad: for them, not like the Cherry blossoms that seem to work for all ages. I will resell the pouchette on Ebay. Snorks...Consignment is too expensive so Ebay it will be...Hopefully I won't have a problem. I have a good selling record on Ebay and it really is sweet little bag and I have to just remember not to fall for "sweet" in the future. It's not meant for me. Now the Keepall is another story. As a long time LV Lover I shouldve seen the difference in the size just on the Ebay listing. I think I will let the seller know that I didn't get the 60 I got the 55. Wish me luck on that one!

    Thanks to all that replied...I was feeling kinda sad last night!!

  10. I could never loan my Lv´s to anyone! Well my mother but no one else.

    Cerise pouchettes are tdf!