What would you do about this EBay bag?

  1. I won a bag on eBay, the Deauville. Here is the auction #280063706671

    There are visible water marks, a black mark on one of the handles, and there is an odor to the bag. You could smell it on the bag when you opened the box. I just feel like these were questions that were specifically asked and I was lied too. There is no way you can not see the water marks or the black mark on the handle, or smell the odor. In the description it says "new"!?

    How should I handle this? Any advice?

  2. Message the seller and state the problems. If the seller doesn't agree to refund your money, I would open a dispute with Paypal.
  3. I tried to look up the eBay auction number..but it says that number doesn't exsist...how long ago did you buy the bag?
  4. definitely contact the seller and demand a full refund. if there's any trouble, then open a paypal dispute
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  6. Sorry! The auction # has been fixed....I just received the bag today! :sad:
  7. Definitely contact the seller and explain the situation and either return the bag and get a full refund, or if you can live with the flaws, maybe ask for a partial refund....you definitely should get something back since the item was not as described. Open a Paypal dispute if it comes down to it.
  8. SNAD: significantly not as described is the term for what you received. I can't beleive they called it "new". Request a refund, if they refuse, complain. Assuming you paid by cc, they may help you, also. good luck!
  9. Shame on that seller. As others have stated, start out with contacting the seller directly, if the seller doesn't agree to a refund fila a Significantly Not As Described claim through Paypal.

    good luck!
  10. I'm sorry this happened to you. I agree with John 5. Contact the seller and see if she's willing to works this out with you. If not just open a dispute with paypal.

    Your seller sounds not very honest. Did you pay with your credit card through paypal? I just opened a dispute because I received a fake and if they don't decide in my favor or the seller doesn't have any funds in her account I will call my credit card company for a chargeback.

    Good luck!
  11. Definitely contact the seller and then escalate if necessary. I've had pretty good luck resolving problems with eBay sellers, though I have had to involve Paypal on occasion. If Paypal gets involved I think they can freeze the seller's account, and that usually gets people's attention. :yes: Good luck!
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