What would you do about these problems?

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  1. If it isn't one thing it's another! So I ordered the black croc carryall, it came without the strap so I returned it and they were going to overnight me another. I never got that one so I called 2 days ago to find out what was going on. They said it was delivered, but I didn't get it. They then said they would send another. I haven't received it yet still. In the meanwhile I had ordered the matching wallet and it came today. The Coach emblem is missing the black background color that it should have! So it doesn't match my matching wristlet. Should I return the wallet and have them send another one? I am almost at the point of returning it all with these problems, but I have wanted this bag for awhile. UGH
  2. WOW...that is really frustrating....sigh.....like you, I would be tempted to just be done with it and return it all, BUT I would probably order again and until it all got worked out otherwise I might regret it later if I didn't get the bag after all....good luck!!
  3. Honestly
    I would return everything and say freak it. That is way to much drama - I mean, why cant they just get it correct.
  4. i agree i would just cancel the orders and return the stuff.
  5. I'd return everything. I take it as a sign that it's not meant to be.
  6. i agree
  7. wow I would be pretty ticked I would want to go in and return everything but dang thats such a nice bag im not really sure
  8. Well I returned the wallet and they are shipping another one out. The purse is supposed to be here on Saturday supposedly. If the wallet and purse aren't right this time, I am debating about returning all of it or just the wallet and the wristlet. I am beyond frustrated right now.
  9. I noticed the same problem w/the black croc wallets at the outlet...both the medium and zip...some emblems had the black background and others did not. I hope that you finally get your set.