What would you do about noisy neighbors?

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  1. I am at my wits end. This morning they were inside and outside the apartment making a horrible racket, yelling and cussing. From 2:30-4 am I was wide awake. This hasn't been the first time either. It's happened 3 times before, I called management who told them to keep it down. The first time I yelled at them to shut the %$$% up, and one guy yelled at me to &%&%& myself. I was furious, and this happened on a Sunday nite. Another neighbor talked to them very nicely and told them the same. I found the non-emergency police number, and they'll get a call the next time this happens.

    Of course, I fear retaliation to my car - they seem like they'd do something like that, so I don't want to confront them directly. It just makes me so angry - I actually planned to do something this morning, but thankfully it's been cancelled, so I can go back to bed! I'm thinking I could leave a note - or some ex-lax laced brownies (kidding about the brownies, I hate cooking). I could go the mature route and ring their bell while they sleep :P

    I live on the 4th floor and can hear their crap from the ground floor. There's a parking lot in the back of the building where my bedroom is located, the window I yell out of overlooks the parking lot. I hate them so so much! It's 2 young dudes who like to yell out how much they love the girls as they get in their cars in the parking lot. Among the group are some some very loud dudes and even louder girls.
  2. You must have the same neighbors as I do...but I don't live in an apartment.

    I'd love to hear the advice on this, I have no clue how to deal with this ridiculous family...
  3. Call management again and emphasize how bad it gets and how they--not you, kuz they run the place--need to do something about it right away. If they don't or if what they do doesn't work, call the cops the next time.
  4. I will call management tomorrow, definitely! I hope some other neighbors chime in...if I can hear them from the 4th floor, I'm sure their neighbors to the sides and on the 1st 3 floors can hear them too!
  5. I was in apt management for years. . . if they aren't completely friendly - DO NOT CONFRONT them.
    The management company HAS to handle it or let the cops.
    After hours I'd call and leave a message w/ the management co and then promptly call the police.
  6. Don't plan pranks, and don't confront them personally. Call the cops.

    We had this maniac that was turning his radio on at 3 am or putting porn on really really loud just to piss off everyone, he was laughing when ppl from the building were yelling at him. Only the cops finally shut him up.
  7. A lot of apts have "noise control" clauses written into the contract, if yours does, it's possible they could be evicted for the noise. Definitely let management deal with the situation, esp if they're young boys...they do stupid things sometimes. If management can't handle it, then I agree with you that the police need to be involved.

    It sounds like you're going about things the right way, just keep your cool!
  8. :faint:
  9. Thank you ladies! I have suppressed the urge to do anything stupid so far, and will call management tomorrow, and I'll call the cops next time. I just hope they get there when they are at their noisiest! I bet they'll do it again tonight or at least next Friday or Sat. nite. I hope I get this resolved quickly because I am nasty when I don't sleep well!
  10. they must be related to my ex neighbors. they lived above me and they walked like army marching all the time. i really hated them w/ passion.
    if i were you, i would not confront them myself. talk to the management...and be serious. one thing i've read somewhere, may be you can write a letter to complain w/ signature confirmed. this way they usually take it more seriously.
    i am so sorry....i totally know how that feels.
    oh...at the mean time, buy ear plugs.
  11. You know what Boomie?

    Unfortunately there is really not much you can do, I'm sorry to give you such a pessimistic answer but it's honestly the truth. Usually these inconsiderate people, are exactly that. Inconsiderate- and even worse things, like arrogant, ignorant, selfish, careless, vengeful.

    I've owned in two condos now, and I've found that especially telling them to stfu not even in a mean way will usually be taken badly by them. Especially if it's in the wee hours of the morning (we can assume if it's on weekends they are intoxicated- you don't want to mess with an ahole when they are drunk or you could have your car damaged)

    I'd say the smartest thing for you to do, would be to either

    1. Wait til the next more and either leave them an anonymous note being very careful to be as polite as possible, not sarcastic or rude.

    2. Knock on their door (if you have a friend or bf with you) and introduce yourself politely and tell them that when they are loud everything goes directly into your room and it really affects your sleep/productivity and ask them to try to be a little more quiet during the later hours (it's psychology, people don't usually mistreat their friends, or people they know. so if you get on a personal level with them it will be harder for them to justify being so disruptive, especially if you have been very nice to them- unless they are totally psychotic)

    I really would advise you against contacting their landlord/management until you literally can't take it anymore, people take to that VERY badly. It's a threat to them and lots of people think it's purely malicious (especially if they are delusional)

    Try to work it out with them first before you potentially get them evicted, and last resort before you talk to management I would talk to your neighbours and get everyone to back you up on that!
  12. :shocked:

    He must be a sad person...
  13. I've already burned that bridge and called management the first time it happened months ago...My other neighbor called management also way back when, but I don't know if any calls were made recently.

    It is to the point where I can't take it any more :sad: It happened last weekend too, but I didn't do anything about it then.
  14. When I managed, we couldn't help unless you came to us. We documented EVERYTHING, we'd send a warning to them in writing citing the portion of their lease agreement that was violated. No one will be evicted of 1 or 2 complaints, but if we had to send a 3rd we may also give them a 30 day notice to vacate.

    Sorry, but in my experience trying to be a good neighbor and asking them to stop just marks you. Let the management co handle it because if they aren't then nothing will ever be done about it.
  15. I just called management and she said to call the cops next time, and I told her I would. She is also going to talk to them and let them know one of the neighbors is so upset that they will call the cops next time. She said she'd also reiterate the part in the lease about noise to them. I hope that does it!

    I also asked out of curiosity if anyone else has complained and she said no one has. I just don't believe no one else heard them...I guess they're just not complaining. I'm up on the 4th floor, they're on the 1st...what about the people on the 2nd and 3rd floors, not to mention the ones that live next door to them? It makes me feel like maybe I'm overreacting, but they have woken me up several times on both weekends and weekdays and I'm just sick of it. Our neighborhood is very nice and quiet, our building alone has always been so peaceful for the past 3 years that I have lived there until they came along.