What would you do about my new trench coat?

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  1. #1 May 2, 2016
    Last edited: May 2, 2016
    Couple months ago, you were all so helpful in convincing me to keep my gray cashmere/wool trench that I snagged at the NAP sale. It is a Kensington fit mid length-I've been wearing it a lot and I absolutely love it!

    Fast forward to now...after having to return a Sandringham short in honey that's one size up which I found during the recent Bloomingdales Burberry event (the sleeves were too big), imagine my surprise when I was able to snag the Kensington short in honey from Saks at a slightly bigger discount with the help of my awesome Saks SA! She got me the very last one in my size in the company via a locator order.
  2. I put it on but I don't have a "I love it!" reaction...yet? Then I found all these white stains on the coat. When I rub on it, it seems to be coming off but I'm afraid to rub too hard.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462205035.176612.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462205045.544822.jpg

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  3. More pictures...
  4. What would you do? I was all set on returning but it's hard to let go of finding this classic at a discount! I'll probably bring it to my dry cleaner down the block to see what he'd say but does anyone have experience with similar stains on their coat? Thanks!!!
  5. Yikes! I am surprised they would sell a garment in that condition. How disappointing.

    Personally, I would call Saks and ask for an exchange. At this point they might be able to locate another one in your size, whether through re-stock, or return. It is an expensive coat. It should be perfect.

    If this doesn't happen, I would be inclined to return it, and make a complaint.

    What did your cleaner say?
  6. Yeah I've found that the Saks locator service can be hit or miss. Unfortunately it's not so easy to exchange it. My SA already jumped thru hoops to secure this last one for me. It doesn't look like they are restocking this style online soon, and unless she is constantly checking the inventory to stalk for any returns, which is low yield and which I'm sure she'd rather not do quite understandably, I think I'm stuck with keeping or returning this one.

    I didn't have a chance to ask my dry cleaner yesterday; hopefully I can go to him today after work.
  7. I called Burberry customer service yesterday and the rep said I can take the coat to any reputable dry cleaner to have it cleaned. She is unable to name recommendations though. As an aside, I asked about the wool liner and she said it only works for the mid and long lengths, so it wouldn't be possible to add it to this short coat.

    I showed it to my dry cleaner and he thinks the stains should come out. He thinks they are paint!? It'll cost about $50. He said the leather buckle will need to be removed but the buttons can stay put.

    I've asked my SA to see if Saks can comp me for the dry cleaning bill. After all the trench came damaged. She said she'll have to ask the manager today.

    Now with all that being said, do you think the coat looks good on me? Usually I decide for myself pretty quickly but in this case I'm stumped.
  8. It looks lovely on you! I say it's a keeper! ;)
  9. Thanks for your feedback Hoya94!
  10. It's great that you were able to get such a good deal on this trench and in your size too! It's too bad it came "damaged". I do hope that you'll get reimbursed for the cleaning.
  11. Yes I was pleasantly surprised! I remember reading on here before that heritage trenches are not typically discounted!? Bloomies had them at 25% off and when I spoke with an SA about switching sizes, she said it was the first time they were doing such a promotion and she has been there for 5 years. Then lo and behold Saks had a few at 30% off! In fact they are now at 40% off but only the largest sizes are left. Guess all the news I've been hearing about luxury retail doing very poorly this year is right!

    Anyhow Saks is going to reimburse me for the dry cleaning and I dropped the garment off yesterday. I held my breath when we cut the tags off. I sure hope the coat will come back looking brand spanking new!