What would you do about a ysl muse not wearing well?

  1. I got a gold ysl muse not 3 weeks ago and the gold seems to be rubbing off the handles. I just left a message for the manager and they will prob. offer to fix it but do I really want a bag that is showing wear after 3 weeks.

    What should i do?
  2. ask them when you take it in if you can exchange for a diff colour as you dont want to risk it again.
  3. Hmmm. I don't know if they make it in other colors any more. I will ask.
  4. Muse comes in all kinds of different colors!!!
    I love my black one... you can wear it everyday~
  5. Where did you buy the Muse? It's odd to me that the color would come off. I agree w/ Secret that you should exchange it instead.
  6. I got it at the ysl store on 57th st.
  7. The metallics can be more fragile, I have heard, than the buffalo, although I haven't had a problem with my anthracite. I think it may depend upon whether the leather rubs against other surfaces, e.g., clothing--shoulder seams, this sort of thing.
  8. The gold rubbing off seems to be less of a problem with just YSL. Every metallic leather object I had owned whether handbag or shoes, seem to lose their metallic color faster than any other color. It's because the metallic is a finish and not imbedded in the color process that it often gets rubbed off.
  9. I agree with w.jade- I was at the Chanel store this past weekend and was drawn to the small bowler in metallic bronze color. I held in just for like 5 seconds to see how it looked and when I put it down, I saw bronze/gold sparkles/shimmer on my hand. So maybe it's something that happens with many metallic finish bags. I've had an ivory muse for more than 1/2 year now and wore it quite a bit, but it looks just as new as the first time I got it except for the stitching part where it turned a bit dark.
  10. I also think it's the metallics. I had a metallic leather jacket (blue/grey) and after one wearing the sleeves looked so worn b/c the metallic comes off the leather so easily.

    Now I stay away from any mettalic leathers.
  11. I've read about metallic rubbing off on several subforums.

    Bring it back and say you are not happy and ask what they can do for you. I think they would be will to accomodate you.

    As for the gold - I like it but would stay away.