What would YOU design?

  1. In light of all the celebrity collaborations, I thought it would be fun to see what all of us would design should we get offered the chance to design a bag with Hermes. The HG bag would be a clutch with a removable strap, like the Lydie, but with a wider profile like Medor. The closure would have the CDC hardware, but in a horizontal fashion. And the strap would be convertible to a belt.
  2. ^HG, agree that most evening bags need a wider profile. I get frustrated with clutches like the Kelly Longue for precisely that reason.

    I'd design a Birkin style bag but with the turnkey lower down the front so it doesn't dig in when I shoulder the bag.

    Plus I'd put in a heck of a lot more compartments inside. I really do use the bigger Birkins as a tote. Magazines, newspapers, laptop/notebook, bits of paper, admin, checkbooks, measuring tapes. Everything gets thrown in there and without a Chameleon, it becomes a black hole.
  3. hmmmm....I'd design a cod-piece. In croc. With medor hardware. On the inside.
  4. ^^^Oh, you're sick............................
  5. ^Nah, she's just kinky..
  6. or bored.......where IS my DH....? LOL!

    OK, SO thoroughly boring, but I would really like a 32cm Birkin.

    Also the option to have the Birkin handles just a wee bit longer, so i can REALLY wear it over my shoulder...and reduce the width of the base a fraction, so my arm doesn't stick out like a wing. I hope H market research are reading this.

    Oh, and a little clutch that is rather discreet (I LOVE HG's idea). I would ask for it in lizard, and have miniature medor hardware on it. I find the usual hardware too chunky.
  7. ^^^Funny, she doesn't look the type either. I mean if anyone were to see GF in the street, you'd just never know.

    Why do my threads always digress into some discussion of deviancy?:confused1:
  8. Kinda like the hardware on the Marley bracelet?
  9. OK, now I've got it. A bag, toile body, croc leather patch, cut at an angle with Kelly Hardware, different coloured handles....oh wait......hang on a minute.......
  10. PERFECT!

    Actually, you know, we could have this made for real....they're offering that service....
  11. ^^^Hey! Get that thing off my thread!!! On second thought, pack it off to Avandome.
  12. You know what would be nice? A clutch kinda along the same vein as the JPG clutch with the sliding H/W like Shopmom's belt...like the Marley.

    HG, you should be in their atelier!
  13. It was her eBay ID that won the auction for the Himalaya a few weeks back.
  14. Wait, Shopmom has a Liberty belt? I like the sliding hardware, but there has to be some type of leather backing behind the strap, otherwise the hardware will damage the leather. Do you get what I'm saying? It'll have to be a double strap, with the sliding hardware attached to the top strap with the send strap acting as a buffer between the hardware and the flap.
  15. I knew it. I just knew she had a closet fetish for that bag.:p