what would you contrast INK with?

  1. Some of you know what an accessory nut I am, and was wondering what I should get to pair with my INK. I was thinking yellow, to get a groom cles, yellow epi agenda, and a money wallet & coin purse. powderpuff suggested butterscotch? But what would you contrast INK with? TIA!
  2. hmm... Ink could contrast really with anything...

    If I had to pick though - it'd be red, pink, or turquoise! Turquoise actually looks awesome with Ink.
  3. I vote for turquoise too !
  4. My MC louis vuitton accessories look really good with ink, because of the darkish blue in the pattern. I have the white wapity, and it goes with all of the bbags.
  5. I've been having the same dilemma! I want an accessory that will compliment my ink without being too matchy matchy... I've been thinking a vibrant blue, a bright red or even vert gazon. I've gone accessory looking a few times and all look awesome with my inky :smile:
  6. its not the best pic in the world (took with my camera phone while bored on the train :shrugs:), but here's some reference:


    i also carry an ice blue compagnon with the ink sometimes. ink is a really versatile color, so im sure youll be able to pick any wonderful color your heart desires! :yes::yes::yes:
  7. i'll match with turq :drool: or anis :drool:

    dn't blow!!! :drool: :drool: :drool:
    ur green is stunning :party:
  8. Ahh all those suggestions look great with INK!
  9. You may be looking for something brighter, but I think grey would be a wonderful complement to ink. Or maybe blue-grey (like periwinkle).
  10. loving it!
  11. I'd vote for grass green or magenta.
  12. Ink is so versatile!!! Anything, I would say.
  13. I do like the sound of a turquoise now that I think about it. I've satisfied my urge for a yellow clutch with MJ, so maybe I should wait to see anthracite, and decide if I want a turquoise money or that in money?
  14. red? maybe
  15. Good thread, aarti! I'd be interested to see everyone's Ink combos...