What would you consider "Fair Value" for a 1st collection Toki?


Oct 26, 2006
Hi Guys..Your advice is totally appreciated.

I lucked out at Nordstrom and found an all-black solid Backpack style Toki with the 1st Generation Red/Pink character print on the interior (as opposed to the 2nd generation citta interior). I was thrilled until my SA noticed it was mistagged. Apparently it was a return from way back and they didn't have the SKU to match it up.

My SA suggested I quote her a "fair price" for it and she'll ring it up at that price. I'm really conflicted as I know this style retails for $172, but is that a fair price for a return and an older style? I know Nordstrom discounts their older styles. Arrghh..I really want to get this bag, but I don't want to pay too much either. I don't think I should have to pay for the "collector's value" of an older bag. This is Nordstrom, not eBay.

I'm totally conflicted. What do you guys think? My SA is holding it for me, until I can give her a number. TIA!


Oct 22, 2007
maybe you can ask her for a 25% or 40% off. i don't know what the fair value for it would be. although i think that it should retail lower since it's the black version as opposed to the white. fyi. the woodbury lesportsac outlet had them for 40% off last i was there, which was about a month ago.


Aug 24, 2007
vancouver, eh
or you could phone up lesportsac and ask if they have the sku number for the print/style of bag that you found. also, i think there is a thread somewhere on purseforum which listed different sku numbers of toki bags. then tell your sa and maybe they could punch the number you find into the computer to see how much it actually is.

i found a black original print bella bella in august at a nordstroms. It still had it's original tags on it and although it said that it was $148 (regular price), when she rang it up it turned out to be around $40! I bought it :smile:

Hope this helps.


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Mar 12, 2007
If they don't know what to price it as, just make one up. :shrugs: Buy it for $90. Why not? Also, tokidoki Black (black outside, original print inside) items were priced lower than current prints.


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in valley fair nordstroms they were selling notte with citta print inside for 50% off so i think you should ask for 50% off since nordstrom is still trying to get rid of their old tokidoki stock anyways

Valley fair nordstroms used to have hella notte in portatelefonos and braccialettos... the only way to get rid of those is to sell 50% off otherwise nobody there was really paying full price for them

if tokidoki isn't that popular at that location, you'd be doing them a favor buying it! metropark had a huge clearance sale i'm sure to get rid of some of their older tokidoki stufft (adios star & spring 2007 tees) where i got my zucca for 50% off too


Aug 1, 2007
Costa Mesa, CA
Nordstrom just had their half yearly sale and everything was 30-34% off. I think a 36% discount is totally fair. But the previous poster that mentioned the outlets being at 40% off does have a good point. If you can get somewhere between these percentages you should be alright. :smile: