What would you choose?

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  1. Hi fellow Chanel lovers!!

    Quick question.
    What would YOU choose (and why?) from:

    Like new but pre loved patented quilted Chanel mini in blackishblue for 1300 gbp
    no card


    Brand new black chevron calf skin mini with silver hardware for 1790 gbp
    brand new in store

    ????????? <---- this is me right now

    Hope to get your input! just your first instincts:heart:
  2. And PS: Yes, the prices are now new and higher in the UK...
  3. No card????I would definitely get the brand new chevron. The price difference between them is not a enough for me to justify the preloved.

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  4. I would get the new chevron with the card. If you ever want to resell later, you have the card.
  5. Go brand new for sure.....
  6. Brand new for piece of mind for sure , as not a huge saving.
    Good luck,
  7. I say brand new--this season's chevron mini is really beautiful and well made! [emoji7]
  8. Thanks guys!!!! :smile: Really appreciate it!
  9. Brand new
  10. Everything about the second option (except the price) is better in my opinion.
  11. New 100%
  12. I like the patent quilted mini
  13. I know it should make sense that I should go for the new chevron with box and card etc.
    However.. I REALLY like the look of this preloved one.
    It's rated very good condition, and to me it's not just about the money.
    Yes its not far off moneywise a new one, but what about the design?
    I never really loved chevron, it's just not reeeeeally my taste, so should I just get a new one because it has a card, or should I get a bag that fits my wardrobe and taste, even though it doesn't have a card.
    In my opinion, the card isn't everything. I lost my card on other bags, and still get service on stitching etc. And I'm buying it to use it, not to resell it.
    And also I don't think it will ever be a problem for me to sell a quilted patented leather bag in rainy UK.
    Gosh I'm so so torn.... Thanks for your opinion. Right now you are the only one who has said quilted, and just that one vote makes me so so confused. :lol:
  14. No authenticity card = no buy IMHO. Maybe you should wait until the exact handbag that you want (with a card) pops up either on the Secondary Market, or new from the Boutique.

    Good luck! :smile:
  15. Thank you lovely tulip! :biggrin:
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