what would you choose?

  1. I have the option of buying either a rouge vif first, black city, ink day or black day, all within my price range, they all have great leather and are brand new, but I cannot decide which! What would you choose? All the above colors would work with my wardrobe and if I cannot fit my laptop in this then my lesportsac will do, no problem.

  2. black city or day. black city is a classic bbag but i have both and i find myself using my days the most. ink day is good too. last choice for me would be the rouge vif first.
  3. Forgot to mention the one I am leaning away from is the ink vs. the above.
  4. black or ink day as they both go with most clothes and are large and slouchy - you already have a first so why not a different style? personally I dont like the city - good luck with your purchase:smile:
  5. i really want a rouge vif, so thats what i would choose. its such a bold, fun color and such a good red!
  6. RED, RED, RED ... can you tell I like RED :smile: ?!!?!

    Red is my favorite color, and personally, I think it adds that extra *pop* to so many outfits. Black is too BORING ... and everyone has the Black Balenciaga bag .... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  7. I'm going to sell the one I have, I'd love the color on a bigger bag, but I want a different color if I want the first. So lets pretend this will be my first again!
  8. Black City is the Bal Basic IMO :smile:
  9. Personally, I love the City. And, Black could go with any outfits easily.
    So, I vote for the Black City!!!
  10. My Black City is the bag I use the most ... I have a First that I love, but NOT for Everyday use - too small for me - Don't own a Day so can't give an opinion there ...
  11. INK DAY ! just because u already have first otheriwse i would vote for rouge vif!
  12. also forgot to say I could fit my essentials in the first. so size isn't a matter here. see my dilemma!
  13. Rouge first!! That's a stunning color & you will definitely stand out from it. I have a darker color bbag & wish I get a more brighter color. I want my $995 bag to stand out!
  14. Ink Day!

    black will always be available
  15. Ink Day , then the Rouge Vif