What would you choose?

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  1. DH and I were talking about this this morning and I wanted to get your feedback...
    Say this summer you will have around $6,000 earmarked for an Hermes purchase. It will be your one purchase for the year. Would you go with
    1. A Kelly
    2. An H shopping spree...a Trim(would love one of the rouges or potiron) or a Garden Party, scarf, bracelet, cadena...
    3. Any other suggestions :shrugs:
  2. 30cm Birkin for little more $!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Depending on which you like more, I would go for a Kelly (or a Birkin if that is what you prefer). I would definitely use the $$$ towards one bag, especially if you are planning on one purchase for the year. It will be worth every penny, and will give you the most satisfaction in the long run!

    So, what color/leather combo are your leaning towards?
  4. For the Kelly I'd want a 28cm rouge clemence or togo with gold HW. Or whatever else caught my eye at the time! :smile:
  5. Crochet, ever since you've joined this board you've been longing for a Kelly! Go for the Kelly! Since you already have a casual, everyday shoulder bag from H, I think it's time for something that COULD be worn a little dressier if need be? I have a Trim and LOOOOVE it but I think it's too close to the Evelyne if these will be your only two H bags for awhile.
    Truthfully, if you have $6k, I'd get a new Kelly now because it seems that Birkin and Kellys are always going up SO much in price. Whereas, a Trim and Garden Party may raise in price but will always be more affordable and attainable.
    JMHO! :smile:
  6. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: PERFECTION!
  7. I agree, a 28cm Rouge Kelly would be TDF! GO for it!
  8. Thanks GT! I can't get one until the summer (when DH gets his bonus :graucho: ). I know, I'm praying they won't go up toooo much before then! :yes:
  9. Count me in on the 28cm Rouge H Kelly in Clemence or Togo, H! It would fit you perfectly AND your lifestyle as well!!!!! That's exactly what I'd do 'cause also, for the small stuff? You can always find the money for that, KWIM? Bracelet, cadena, scarf, pochette, etc.....get the bag instead.
  10. Aspen...:love: Birkin!

    Jag...:flowers: It would be tdf, wouldn't it??? I love rouge... :love:
  11. Thanks D!!!! :flowers: :flowers:
  12. I'd go for the Kelly too since you already have a lovely shoulder bag with your gorgeous BJ Evelyne. A gold or rouge H Kelly would be TDF! You'd definitely get a lot of satisfaction looking at that beauty!
  13. Orchids....It's all your fault I'm obsessed with the Rouge Trim as well...yours is TDF!!!! ;)
  14. Aw, thanks CB! It was my first Hermes shoulder bag---so you gotta get the Kelly first! :yes:
  15. CB: I agree with GT! a kelly would be perfect!!!! and you'll have enough money to buy..hmm..lets say..2 pocket squares? hehe