What would you choose to do?


May 2, 2011
I read a very good question from a book: what would you choose to do if you don't need to be concerned about economic situation or others' expectation?

There seems to be so many options for me, all of a sudden, if I can really disregard all the limitations whether they are imposed by others or myself.

It will take me sometime to figure out my answer. But do you already have yours?


Aug 2, 2007
Oh, this is easy. I would dedicate my life to helping others and making lives better. It's one of the few things that makes me genuinely happy. I hope someday to find a job that allows me to do that full time in some capacity.


Sucks at budgeting
Jan 5, 2007
I'd buy a big farm where I could take in unwanted pets and raise them....

Then I'd head in to town and be that dirty old man that hits the local bar at 2pm and makes cheeky remarks to all the cute girls ordering drinks, but they indulge me cause they know I'm an animal lover.

Of course I'd drive in all the charity races and dedicate my winnings to the United Way or something. I wouldn't be a complete waste of space...but close to it!


Oct 28, 2009
I would definitely do something to help others. That is my one biggest regret in life is that my job doesn't help anyone. I think I would focus my attention on children's/teen shelters and counseling services. And I mean a truely free to them (no money needed for anything) type of place. Somewhere they can go and hang out with their peers and get counseling if they need it. A place where alot of the ideas of what kids need and want to keep them from being out and getting in trouble would come directly from the kids themselves. Somewhere they can also help others since sometimes helping others makes you feel so much better about yourself. I can go on and on. One city at a time...


Want. Want. Want.
Jun 24, 2006
I'd start a non-profit aimed at assisting at-risk youth gain employment and work experience. I read about a woman who did something similar in one of my mom's Ladies Home Journal/Redbook magazines. Her organization worked with local businesses (everything from the local McDonald's to non-chain offices/businesses) and arranged to pay for each individual's wages for the first six weeks. That way the business wasn't out any money if the individual wasn't the right fit or didn't work out. Most places hired the worker on after the trial phase. Her organization also provided guidance sessions and did in-school presentations/workshops to teach students about work-related topics (how to fill out applications/interview/etc).

I just think it's a great idea and would love to do something similar. Giving young people, especially those who are at-risk, the ability to start positively changing their lives and feeling worthy and proud and capable could create community-wide impact, even if very small at first.

Didn't mean to ramble...I just really hope to start an organization like this some day!


Sep 5, 2007
I would jump start my plan to take over the world. World domination is my dream, so if I had unlimited resources and I didn't care about other ppl's expectations, I would immediately start. Muahahahaa (evil laugh) Let the sadistic pleasures begin!!!