What Would you Choose Next?

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  1. I am hoping you Chanel enthusiasts/ experts will give your opinion of what would be a good new addition to start saving towards.

    I am a SAHM to 3 very active boys 9, 12, and 14. My life is spent doing "mom" activities (coffees, book club, golf when the weather is nice) while the boys are at school and attending sporting activities on the weekend.

    I am 5' 7"

    I am VERY casual, pretty much living in jeans so I am sort of afraid of a light color, although I do have 2 lighter colored WOC's that I will only wear on days I am not wearing dark colored pants/ jeans.

    My current modest Chanel collection consists of:

    Preloved brown single flap caviar jumbo with GHW
    Preloved black single flap lambskin maxi with GHW
    Preloved red WOC lambskin with SHW
    Preloved Navy camellia WOC lambskin with antique gold hardware (please correct me if that is not the correct hardware color name)

    Black WOC caviar with SHW
    Navy maxi with SHW
    Black XL caviar GST with GHW
    And my new fuchsia lambskin with SHW (this was a impulse buy last week, I just loved the color, I used the funds I was actually saving for a future purchase yet to be determined)

    Since I am starting over, saving now, what would you recommend saving towards and why?
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    Since you've got mostly flap bags, I would suggest a boy bag!!! It's a bag that goes easily with your casual style... I would go for a boy in medium size and black...

  3. Thank you MaryJoe84, I will start looking at boy bags. I had thought about a classic 2.55 reissue maybe because of the distressed leather, but I really like the casual look of boy bag.

    I appreciate you opinion!!!!
  4. You're welcome :smile: Reissue is not a bad choice, too but the boy is really more casual and would fit perfectly with your style!
  5. Like Maryjoe mentioned, a boy would be great! Since it is light, and can be crossbody. However, I do love the reissue too. :smile: GL deciding!
  6. Reissue would be a nice addition.
  7. Either a Boy or Reissue!!!!
    Both will suit you

    Happy shopping
  8. I just love the casual nature of the 2.55 reissue bags (or they are that way to me). In distressed calfskin, they are super easy to maintain (scratch? it blends in, no worries), lightweight, and you can fit more than a jumbo if you get the 277 size. If you go the 226 size, it's a bit smaller than a jumbo but goes from day to night (for pizza after a team game or with your DH for those date nights). I really do love these bags as they just are so very Chanel yet so carefree.

    If you want to try something new, then perhaps the boy bag, but if you want a big one, they are quite boxy, so you'd need to try one on and see if you like the way it looks on you and if it fits what you need. The large size I've read is equivalent in space inside to a jumbo. They are lightweight despite the large chain because they are lined in fabric not leather.

    Congrats on the fuchsia; a side track well worth it for this color! :smile:
  9. Thank you so much everyone for your opinions! I so appreciate you taking your time to answer me. It will be several months for me to save for my new addition, but I will post a reveal when I decide 😃
  10. +1. :smile: