What Would You Choose:Gustto Turlio, HH Triple Strap Satchell or Moni Moni Eden???

  1. The first one, the Gustto!!! I just like the way it looks the best. The other two aren't as classy looking IMO!
    Good luck and have fun shopping!
  2. Thanks for your opinion and you are right: I am having a GREAT time shopping!! (except I'm indecisive!)
  3. The first one looks the best.
  4. Well, I'm sure you're aware of this by now, but my vote goes for the HH. I also like the Gustto, the Moni not so much.
  5. No contest... the Torlia for sure!
  6. Definitely the Gustto Turlia, just had a look at Lexie's blue one and I'm in love!:heart:
  7. gustto
  8. CGSprings....
    It's so much fun spending your money for you!
  9. I like the Gustto leather much better than HH leather. It's so soft but doesn't seem delicate. The Gustto also has a better shoulder strap. I like teh look of the 3rd one. It reminds me of a Betsey Johnson bag. I vote for the Gustto. BUT the lining in your HH is much nicer.