What would you choose: GST or Celune Trapeze??


Jul 21, 2013
Hi everyone… I have asked couple of you on different threads which you would prefer but I thought that maybe I would get more response by posting a separate thread. I love both bags but I can only get one. I need your help! Which should I get?
Both can be worn over the shoulder and both are classics. Your opinions would really help! Thanks so much!


Jul 26, 2013
I was debating the same thing but I got a GST since the Trapeze, while beautiful, is really hard to get in and out of. I mean you have a turnlock, a long flap, and zippers!! Geez. I needed something you can use easily. I love my GST!!


Jan 30, 2014
I am a Chanel lover, obviously, but I have to say I LOVE my trapeze! It is really spacious! Like nycmamaofone said, the GST is easier to get in and out, but the trapeze lock does not bother me. It's the same as a flap or boy to get in and out. I have really found it to be a great bag. HTH!


Nov 30, 2013
I never had a GST so I can not give you a comparison but I had a Celine Trapeze with a strap which I sold after 2 months of owning.

1. I found it uncomfortable on my shoulder.
2. I found it hard to get into. Because you first deal with the toggle then flip back the fabric to then have to undo a zip.. it can be a hell of a process trying to pay for something fast. Closing it? I had to stick my freaking knee up to rest it on that so I could zip and close it.
3. I had the all black with suede wings and I took damn good care of it but it seemed to attract oily looking finger print smudges on the leather. They were always there!

However.. despite the wear, it did sell well and I didn't lose money when I sold it so it kept it's value!:lol:

For me it was elegant,beautiful (visually prettier than the GST) but a total let down.
Mar 19, 2007
Good question. I have both and I think I love them both equally but for different reasons!! If I was to only pick one, I really might go with the Celine. I love using the strap or the handheld option. And honestly I don't have a problem opening the bag, I find it easy to get in and out of, however, like another poster said above, you do have to use your knee to close it lol, which is funny to think about but you get used to it. I take the subway a lot too so personally I like that noone can get into my Trapeze while the GST sits wide open. HTH!


May 17, 2014
Both are nice bags - I don't usually like Celine but the Trapeze does look nice. I do own a GST though and love it. Forgetting the brands and price tags, which look do you prefer? To me the trapeze works with more casual / trendy outfits, and the GST goes with more timeless pieces