What would you choose: Empriente Lumi or Speedy?


Which do you prefer?

  1. Empreinte Lumi

  2. Empreinte Speedy

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    Was talking with my SA today... So far, in Japan the word is that the Speedy will only come in the 25... Wonder if they're just slow to get information???

    GL with your decision OP! Got a Lumi PM today and I can definitely recommend it!!! ;)
  2. The SA told me the Speedy will only come in 25.
    One good thing is that it will open better than a canvas speedy because the zipper wraps down a little on each side.
  3. does anyone if you have to be on the wait-list or anything upon initial release?
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    My boutique only requires a name & phone number. Its not a limited edition. They said they'd call when they come in. But I don't think I want one anymore.
  5. thank you! why don't you want one anymore? =(
  6. It's not that I don't want it ever. Just probably not when it first comes out. I just got the Emp. Audacieuse PM a week ago (I did a reveal). I found this style after I put my name in for the speedy. For me getting two Empreinte bags in a year is pushing it. The Audacieuse is the most expensive bag I've ever owned. But the Speedy pictures look amazing. Maybe Christmas? Or next year.
  7. Ohhh I seee, I have to check out your reveal then :graucho:
    but i totally understand, im already pushing it if I get the speedy this year it'd be my third bag this year...but we will see what happens when it comes out ;)
  8. I think if the speedy came in bigger sizes, I would get that instead