what would you choose as a present?

  1. Dear Ladies,

    i am facing the next dilemma again:yes:

    i discussed xmas presents with my DH...
    i wish 38Trim II. Crinolin black AND Jige Elan Black evergrain...

    he offered:
    32 Kelly souple in swift...

    Which one would you choose???
    until now i was not so familiar with the kelly because the opening...but i have to admit it is growing on me...

    looking forward for your opinions!
  2. Well.....if it were me, I'd go for the Kelly. A Kelly in souple Swift leather would be a fantastic daily bag, IMO. I have gotten used to the opening and now it's not a problem for me at all and I LOVE a handbag vs. a shoulder bag (call me crazy) but with the Kelly, you get the versatility of BOTH!
  3. definitely kelly! with the same reasons shopmom said above!
  4. I would definitely pick a Kelly for myself, but I have also learned that choosing something other than what I originally wanted does not mean that I won't want those things anymore! :graucho: Over the years I've learned that it's better to go with your gut instinct.

    So think about why you wanted your first two items. Will the clutch suit you better for day/evenings than a Kelly? Do you like the silhouette of the Trim and prefer a more traditional shoulder bag? And with the Kelly, you will have to fiddle with the turnlock and straps if you don't leave them hanging.
  5. Kelly, all the way.
  6. I'd go with the Trim and Jige because then you'd have a shoulder H bag (so comfortable and I just love how the Trim looks) and a clutch. I agree with Orchids, go with whichever is your first instinct/love because you will only end up wanting to get them still. :flowers:
  7. Hands down, a Kelly. How about Noisette?
  8. woo I like Lucy's idea!! yes! noisette kelly!:drool:
  9. Kelly, of course!
  10. Noisette???i dont know this model!!!!!
    does anyone has a pic or info?
  11. Yes! In fact in Swift, it'll be a darker and richer shade. It really is a beautiful neutral that goes with everything!
  12. Personally, I would pick the Kelly.. but you have to assess your needs and see which bag will work best.
  13. Another vote for Kelly !
  14. Kelly!!!!!! Kelly!!!! Kelly!!!!!!