What would YOU carry in this bag?

  1. mmm a musical instrument??
    drawing/painting material?
    tennis balls?? lol
    it looks very much lika SO
  2. Going out bag, compact, small brush, lipstick, cellphone. Seems limited as to it's usage.
  3. OMG mara, I just looked at this on eBay and was about to post it, lol Great minds think alike !!! :smile:

  4. HAHAHAHA :roflmfao: ... that's just weird :nuts: ... watching the lunar eclipse, btw?
  5. OMG I forgot, I will have a look now :nuts: thanks for reminding me :flowers:
  6. Mara, how good is the view with your telescope ?...I think I might get my dads binoculars down :smile:
  7. lol, great, seems like I'm reminding half of England :nuts: :p and I'm sitting here under a thick cloud :cursing: and have to watch on a webcam from Belgium
  8. I don't like the style, but the color is awesome. Is it an EPI leather?
  9. me too, I can hardly see it, it just looks an orangy/brown colour :confused1: LOL :p
  10. lol, that's what it's suppose to look like now ... check out the webcast

    Total Lunar Eclipse, March 3, 2007

    lol, and now:


    since there's a thread in General Discussion about it as well :shame:
  12. thanks :flowers: :kiss:

  13. it sure looks like it :yes: .... I think I've only seen this one time on eBay before
  14. great for make up brushes! hehe