What would you buy?

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  1. If you have a $1590 store credit at LV, what would you buy?

    I realize this is very personal and depends on one’s collection and lifestyle, but I’m happy to hear what everyone would buy and why?

    I own a Neverfull Monogram in MM size and on the way a NeoNoe in black as well as the small monogram zipped key pouch.

    Please share your thoughts!
  2. Would you want accessories or a bag? Are you open to spending more?
  3. I will try to stick the budget as close as possible.

    I’d like both lol!

    Well, I know I want the flat card case and the mini accessory pochette but the pochette is always sold out :sad: I’ll look for a similar zipped (small-medium) pouch.. even the toiletry is always sold out :sad: they do have the cosmetic pouch and I could consider that although I prefer a flat one..

    For the remaining amount, I’d be happy to get a bag .. I’ll try the alma BB in DE if it was available.. or the favorite MM?

    Everything has to be in canvas, that’s my preference anyway.

    More suggestions please! :smile:
  4. A speedy maybe?

    Still waiting for your thoughts :smile:
  5. I had a credit and picked out the Alma BB DE and an Epi pocket organizer. The BB is the perfect small bag with multiple ways to carry as well as being well made and looks good for many years. I chose the PO as a small wallet but the ZCP would be a nice choice too.
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  6. A shawl and a pair of shoes. :smile:
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  7. Mini pouchette mono. Emperient noir key pouch(my favorite) denim shall


    Speedy b in de
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  8. Mon mono SpeedyB 25 - I will just pay for the difference

    If I had to stick to the budget then either the Petit Noe or Neverfull MM plus a cardholder/cles
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  9. I just purchased the Alma BB in DE as my first LV piece and I’m not regretting it! I love it so much. If I had store credit, I would probably get the Alma BB in monogram and a mini pochette in DE. I would use the strap from my Alma BB in DE to attach to the mini pocket the as a mini crossbody. I think it’s so cute when worn as a “bag”.
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  10. Get a speedy and some SLGs
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  11. Speedy B in whatever size suits you :smile: If funds allow, I would do a cute mon mono stripe combo on the corner
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  12. Speedy B25
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  13. I like canvas bags too. I was thinking the speedyB-it's currently on my radar. Would you want the B one?

    Maybe a keyholder-I think they are such a brilliant idea to keep your keys in place but also not scratch the inside of your bags.

    I go back and forth with the favorite mm too but I love a zip on my bags so I'm not sure.

    Turenne PM or Lorette might be good options too. I think the alma bb is cute but I'm not sure how I feel about the way the strap attaches to the bag. what are your thoughts?
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  14. Another vote for the Speedy B in DE. Since you already have a monogram bag, I would suggest something in DE. I personally prefer the 30. If you get the classic Speedy, you may be able to also get a small wallet depending on what you have to pay in taxes. You may actually prefer the classic since you have two shoulder bags.
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  15. I’ll add a little bit more for a croisette
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