What Would You Buy!!!!!!!!!!!???

  1. Jills newest dilemna..LOL

    Which bag would you BUY?
    1) LV CRUISE GM DENIM CABAS BAG(Bought it,returned it..now miss it!!LOL! Thought it was too BIG!)

    2)Blueberry leather Fendi SPY( i have a black leather SPY!)

    3)Prada(!!) Antic Cervo Satchel...have it in Black leather-AND A RUCHED BROWN ONE....and have the matching wallet..but its 2500..eek.

    4)Chanel dark brown cruise ligne Bowler( I currently have 2 BABY CABAS-blAck and Teal)

    Seriously..I dont know which to get ..HELP MEEE!!!!!!!!!!:s :shrugs:
  2. I go for the blueberry spy!!
  3. Chanel bowler!
  4. Go for ALL OF THEM!
  5. I don't know your collection. If you don't already have a Chanel, I'd get that. But the spy is gorgeous--that would tempt me so much!:drool:
  6. I agree!! :yes:

  7. ENABLER!!!!!!!!ROFL!..Id like to stay HAPPILY married too..HEE!HEE!:nuts:
  8. blueberry spy. not a huge fan of the spy but that color sounds pretty. or the chanel
  9. LOL! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. Really Jill, I think you should get either the Chanel, because I don't think you have bought any new Channels recently right? Or get the Louis Vuitton that was really pretty in my opinion! Good luck! But deep down, I believe you will get all 4 soon! And still be happily married!
  11. That is a tough one.
    I would say go for the LV, b/c you already have some of the others, only in different colors/styles. Also, isn't the LV Cruise GM Denim Cabas an LE? Or else I'd go for the Chanel Bowler. But the Prada Cervo Antic Satchel is a gorgeous bag, and the blueberry spy is beautiful.......
    I kinda like Impsola's idea...hehe....
  12. I vote for the LV because you returned it but loved it. ;)
  13. The Prada satchel!

    So far, I don't think we're helping much :p
  14. Blueberry Spy!
  15. The Chanel!