What would you buy?

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  1. Ok, I am ready to expand my handbag collection but I am really torn.

    I dont currently own a LV yet, but decieded I want to get one now.

    So Speedy 30 or speedy 40 ? Anyone here own the 40?

    I love BIG bags, and I am not sure if the 30 is quite big enough for me.

  2. Speedy 40 is REALLY big. Go to the LV forum and the reference library for some more info. There's even a thread of ppl posing with their bags so you can see how big they would be in comparison.

    Good luck! :tup:
  3. IMHO the 40 is closer to being carry-on luggage than an actual handbag.

    I am 5'8" and the 30 is the perfect size in my opinion.
  4. Oh and I forgot to mention - you only say that you're choosing between the 30 and the 40, what about the 35? That might be a nice compromise.
  5. I think the 30 will do - if you get it bigger in my opinion it defeats the purpose of it being a speedy... style-wise
  6. i think speedy 30 is enough :p
  7. I feel the same way too
  8. If you're looking for handbag, 30 should be enought.
  9. if you carry a lot of stuff, i would choose the 35. the 30 is sometimes very small. whereas the 40 is VERY large, more for travelling.
  10. I travel a lot as well as carry a lot of stuff on a daily basis. The speedy 30 is perfect. Even when I travel I can fit everything I need in it including stuff like my camera and ipod etc...It is amazingly roomie
  11. Totally agree with all the above - a 30 is plenty big enough.
  12. Well thanks to the forum, I did some research and I really love the speedy 35. I didnt realize that was even an option.

    The 30 is to small for me, I looked at the measurements posted on eluxury and the 35 seems much more suited for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE big bags.

    I am off to purchase - Next obsession looks like a miu miu, goldenbleu , and the LV 50 keepall.