What would you buy with...

  1. Hi all! Had a really random dream that I won $8000 of LV credit!!!!!!! :yahoo::p...How would you use that???:idea:
  2. Wow- you must have woke up smiling! lol---

    I'd get a Denim Patchwork Speedy, Denim Baggy PM, Trunks and Bags pochette, Damier Azur Koala, Miroir Lockit Gold, MC Rita in White, Damier Speedy 30
  3. I dont have any specifics but I'd just spend it on everything I'd wanted. Perhaps wait for more LE items too :biggrin:
  4. I don't know but I would be in heaven.
  5. the Polka Dots Panama Bowly, which really will be my next purchase :graucho:

    then i'd probably just get some accessories a few pairs of shoes, the LVOE bandeau and the black Initials belt. and i'd STILL have money leftover :lol:
  6. I'd put it toward a rockin coffee table trunk :smile:
  7. Sooo lucky person in the world :smile: :love: wish I were you.

    Buy all of LE then resell them to make some bucks ;) how with Stratus, Polkadots etc? Update us what you finally purchase
  8. I would buy luggage.
  9. oh yes i forgot! i want the Monogram Pegase 60 and Damier Pegase 70 :p
  10. wow nice dream!!! I bet you were disappointed when you woke up! I would get a ton!
  11. Le Fab for sure!
  12. I would buy either more luggage or LE pieces.
  13. I would get a talentueux in the new grey color. A miroir lockit, a vanity case and some random goodies like 3 or 4 inclusion bangles and the LVOE sandals :p
  14. Gold Miroir and more gold miroir!:drool:
  15. What a great dream! I would get a silver Fersen, black MC speedy, keepall 55 with strap, vernis agenda, groom zippy organizer, a couple of bandeaus and scarves and inclusion braclets and rings.