What would you buy with $300?


Jul 9, 2006
Well, I didn't get any LV for Christmas, but I did get some AE gift cards (also Macys and Nordstroms - how I wish they still sold LV) I was thinking of getting an accessory, so I thought I'd ask....If you were given $300, what would you buy? I know I could save it towards my next purse or wallet, but if I get the urge for something LV, I don't know what I want! At first I was thinking of a damier pochette, but I don't really use the mono one I already have. Oh, and my list of what I own is below...

Mono petite noe
Mono BH
Mono trotteur
Mono Speedy 26
Azur Speedy 25
Damier Ebene Speedy 30
Damier Ebene Alma
Black Epi Alma
Mono Pochette Accessoires
Mono cosmetique
Mono Poche toilette 15
Mono cles
mono Ludlow
Damier ebene cles
Vernis pomme 4 key holder
Key extender
Brown pastilles key chain