What would you buy with $300?

  1. Well, I didn't get any LV for Christmas, but I did get some AE gift cards (also Macys and Nordstroms - how I wish they still sold LV) I was thinking of getting an accessory, so I thought I'd ask....If you were given $300, what would you buy? I know I could save it towards my next purse or wallet, but if I get the urge for something LV, I don't know what I want! At first I was thinking of a damier pochette, but I don't really use the mono one I already have. Oh, and my list of what I own is below...

    Mono petite noe
    Mono BH
    Mono trotteur
    Mono Speedy 26
    Azur Speedy 25
    Damier Ebene Speedy 30
    Damier Ebene Alma
    Black Epi Alma
    Mono Pochette Accessoires
    Mono cosmetique
    Mono Poche toilette 15
    Mono cles
    mono Ludlow
    Damier ebene cles
    Vernis pomme 4 key holder
    Key extender
    Brown pastilles key chain
  2. 3 bandeaus or some type of wallet like a vernis ludlow ;)
  3. grey inclussion bracelet or t&b cles, hope this helps!
  4. maybe some of the jewelry or a key chain le fluers maybe.
  5. I like the idea of a wallet, too. A ludlow would be a nice addition to your collection.
  6. i vote for the inclusion bracelet too... that is going to be my next lv purchase... the grey one is tdf... or... what about a cellphone charm?
  7. I would like a vernis ludlow, but I do already have a mono ludlow (forgot to add it to the list). I don't know if I need 2. I actually wish I had bought the vernis originally.
  8. Denim cles!!
  9. azur cles!
  10. Black or White Multicolore Koala Bracelet- $285 or
    Trunks and Bags Agenda pm- $300.00 or
    LV hoop earrings or inclusion bracelet or ring.
  11. Ludlow sounds good - also something Inclusion or an agenda or a cell phone charm!
  12. For flexibility, how about the shoulder strap for the Alma and a bandeau.

    A set of Sweet Monogram Earrings would fit the bill too.

    You have a lovely collection, by the way :smile:
  13. mc cles, i think it's $285
  14. I would get a Trunks & Bags mini pochette, $255
  15. Trunks and Bags Agenda! Or any other type of agenda. I LOVE my agenda!:wlae: