what would you buy with $1300?

  1. Okay, time for a new bag (again) :yahoo::p! I have a budget of about $1300, give or take 100...What are your suggestions? I'm open to nearly anything!

    Here's what I already have (and yes, I LOVE speedies!)

    -Damier Speedy 25
    -Cerises Speedy 25
    -Mono Speedy 25
    -SO Damier Cabas Piano
    -Ebene Mini Lin Speedy

    I'm a big fan of Damier, but I'm warming up slowly to Mono....

    any idea helps! thanks!
  2. cerises speedy...
  3. I have 2 Damiers, the Parioli from last year and the Hampstead. If I had $1300, I'd get the Duomo. It's so on my list!
  4. if you can find a great condition cerises - get that one, otherwise for $1300. you can buy a brand spankin' new damier speedy 25 and ebene mini lin speedy:tup:
  5. no that 'list' is of all the bags i own!
  6. How about a cabby mm?
  7. hmm...what about a Noe or a petite Noe? Maybe the azur Noe since you like Damier but i really like the MC in black but i think its around $1600....either that or I think a Speedy 35 in Mono but also get a the trunks and bags mini pochette and maybe a keychain or something? Ooooh or the Dentelle speedy.... or the epi lockit in black....or a keepall
  8. Since you love damier - what about a saleya mm?
  9. BH, Saleya, or Roxbury...
  10. The Duomo!
  11. the belem mm is super cute
  12. I vote for a saleya :smile:
  13. This may not be what you were wanting to hear... but what about saving it until you look at a bag and go "OMG I WANT IT!" I think that would make you so much happier than buying just to buy. And you did get a beautiful cerises speedy recently!!! give yourself time to enjoy it fully.

    But if it were me at the moment? I'm dying to have a sunset blvd in armarante :drool:
  14. I'd buy either a Damier Saleya MM or an MC Noe.
  15. I would buy a Monogram Papillon and Damier speedy.