what would you buy with $1200!!

  1. i have never bought a chanel purse, i usually stick to my LV or Dior handbags...but i have always wanted a chanel purse..well my bday is coming up next month and my budget is only $1200 -- can you guys help me with posting pictures and prices under $1200 -- thanks!!
  2. The caviar clutch? It's very cute! :heart:
  3. Pst!!!
  4. I'd get the clutch because I don't yet have it or else I would just wait until I had more money to spend. If you like something in that range a lot, get it, but I wouldn't only buy something because it was in the budget. Even at that amount of money, I'd want to love it.
  5. timeless clutch for me in red or black. so gorgeous with the trademark chanel quilting and the perfect size for a day clutch or generously sized night time clutch...
  6. Maybe the vinyl cabas if you can find one??
  7. can u guys post a picture of the pst and a vinyl cabas??? and thanks for the reply ladies!!!
  8. i think you can look in the reference thread, there are a lot of pictures :smile:

    pst would be a goos choice :smile:
    or maybe a soft chain pochette?
  9. PST or pochette would be a great choice. I personally wouldn't use the clutch daily, but I would use the other two more often.

    Good luck.
  10. This poster does make a good point a bout daily use (though I probably wouldn't use a pouchette daily either) but I mention the clutch b/c I don't yet own it and I have a bunch of bags for day time use. That is good advice to keep in mind when selecting something!
  11. PST all the way! It is $1250 plus tax. Just got one myself.....it is the perfect size and great everyday bag. I almost returned it and I am so so so glad I didn't. Now I am going to get every color!
  12. I would get a black medium 'ultimate soft' for $1475. I know the budget is only $1200,but, if you open a Saks card....get the 10% off.........take $147 off & do it during a gift card event,so, you get a gift card for $150 as well. Oh, I'd also have it sent..............no tax. ;)
    ultimate soft medium.jpg
  13. thanks everyone..
  14. Excellent idea!:tup:

  15. I believe the Cambon is $1295, which is only slightly above your limit, but I'm not 100% positive cause I got mine with a discount.