What would you buy if...

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  1. An Hermes Fairy showed up at your house and gave you what you think you want?
  2. I know... I think, IF my DH can handle it... a R -H croc 30 birkin!:p
  3. R-V croc 30 Birkin
  4. 35 Birkin in orange/potiron Clemence or Togo w/ phw.

    Come to momma.
  5. A raisin box HAC
  6. a 35 birkin in black box with rouge hermes chevre lining and silver hardware.
  7. 35cm matte barenia croc birkin.
  8. Those denim shorts you're wearing A!
  9. 30cm fuschia porosus croc birkin phw
  10. A 28cm Celadon sellier croc kelly :love:.
  11. 32 shiny black croc kelly.
  12. Isn't Becks the Hermes Fairy?:confused1: I don't think I am allowed to answer this question here.:p
    becks armani.jpg
  13. Johnny Depp carrying a matte Croc Kelly between his teeth.........
  14. ...no shirt...................
  15. How about Johnny Depp wearing nothing and just carrying a matt croc kelly to preserve his modesty