What would you buy for $400?

  1. Okay ladies, I need your opinions. I have a $400 credit for Nordstroms. I want to new Black purse. Or possibly a dark brown. What should I get? To give you an idea of what I like.....size wise I like the tote (I have 2 shoulder totes in denim and signature/vachetta). I am petite, so nothing larger than the tote works for me. I also like the satchels (I have the tan legacy and other brands in similiar styles) I do already have a black sig. small soho flap from last year - it is WAY too small for my everyday needs, but love the style.

    What would you get if you could spend approx. $400?
  2. [​IMG]

    I just got this last night in chocolate brown...it's the Hamptons signature book tote if the picture does not copy. $358. And it was my first Coach purchase...love love love! :wlae:
  3. The book totes ROCK! ANY of them!!
  4. I wonder if Nordstroms has the book tote in choc. brown yet. I am considering that one. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I love these.
    10212_B4BK_t.jpg 10134_SVMA_t.jpg
  6. Give them a call to check...I got mine at Macy's but noticed the other day that the Nordstroms I shop at (Bellevue Square) has really beefed up their Coach selection :wlae: .
  7. Nordies will do a search for you for all the stores that have one. Nordies is my store. Top notch service.
  8. That's true, they could find it I'm sure. I think that the two Nordstroms that I like to shop at carry very little because there are Coach stores in those malls.
  9. Do you have an SA at Nordies? It doesn't really matter, but I would call them up now and ask them to find one for you.
  10. I would, but I want to go and see it and try it on first. I think I'll get off the computer and head over to the mall today. Thanks!
  11. You can still have them send it to the store to try it on. You're not obligated to buy. No point in going and them not having it. But I would go if you want to look at some other bags too.
  12. Thats my favorite thing about Nordstroms! I did it with a bunch of dress slacks during the anniversary sale...and they still gave them to me at the sale price even though it was over by the time I got there to try them on.
  13. Yes, I love that they are like that. The problem is, I still am not certain which bag I REALLY want! I was saving up for a new LV (a big amt. for me, as I am a "Coach girl" and only own a few LV pcs)so I want to stay within or close to my credit amt. Coach is my "signature" and love it. Nordstroms doesn't carry LV anymore :sad: and I usually buy my Coach at the Coach store. Gosh, I remember when even Macy's carried LV! I suppose I could go to the Coach store and try on some different bags and have Nordstrom's order the one I want. Somehow I would feel bad if my SA was there (at Coach store) though. Maybe she's off for Labor Day, lol.