What would you buy for $400?

  1. For mothers day my husband bought me a pair of Louboutins :biggrin:

    He says I can get a purse too but I have a $400, maybe $500 if its super fabulous! What would you buy? Any suggestions?
  2. gerard darel's charlotte
  3. The BEST $400-and-under bag I have ever purchased is the Isabella Fiore "Audra" (the 2005 original version). The retail was $385 but unfortunately it's long sold-out and the 2006 versions (albeit more expensive) are not nearly as nice.

    I think there's actually somebody selling their 2005 Audra in brown in the WTS section.....if that's still available it would be a great deal!....especially considering how eBay prices for '05 "original" IF Audras have really skyrocketed.
  4. where can u get the gerard darel?
  5. Coach has some nice bags- you could get 2 huge ones at the outlets for that price.
  6. You can get the gerard darel by ordering through Bergdorf Goodman (not found on the website). 1-800-558-1855
  7. Thank you for the infomation on Gerard Darel bags! I wasn't familiar with his bags-the Charlotte is absolutely beautiful! I want one!!!! :love:
    I wonder, if Bergdorf doesn't have the bags on their website, who else (legitimately) sells them on the web?
  8. At this stage in the season, I would hold on for a bit longer and hope to get an $800 - $1,000 (or even $1,500 - if you're really lucky!) designer bag in the sales! ;)
  9. Ditto!
  10. any Marc by Marc Jacobs :smile:
    affordable & most bags are very cute
  11. Another vote for the GD Charlotte :biggrin:
  12. Ditto again!