What would you buy? Chanel v. LV help!


aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
Hi everyone! So I have seen these two bags online (both ebay) and think they are gorgeous, but I can't get them both (welllll... but no really, I can't)!;) The Chanel bag is the silver 2.55 reissue with the chain handle straps, and the LV is the silver mirior Speedy, so what do you ladies think? Maybe I just want the LV, because it's impossible to buy unless you initially got the hookup (but it's soo pretty and shiny)! Also, I know that the mirior is an of the moment type bag, and I'd want to put either of these bags into my bag rotation and keep on carrying it til past this season! The Chanel would be around $2,300, and the Speedy could be around $2,000 (over retail I know!) Any thoughts? :yes:

It's not that I want the LV more... I just think it's very pretty! :yes: I do think maybe the Chanel would have more staying power, maybe be more classic even though they are both nice (and both are silver!), so I'm just confused.
chanel FTW :smile:

i love chanel's 2.55 reissue in silver..it's all over the magazines like the LV one but this one makes me drool more.

and i also think, that with a silver bag like that, it's much better in a smaller compact size?

just my opinion. like everyone else has said, it's what you love!

but since you asked

chanel all the way!