What would you bring to VEGAS?

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  1. So I just booked a trip to Vegas for 4 nights/5 days and have no idea what is appropriate to wear at night/during the day.

    I'm 22 years old and will be going with 3 other friends.
    Is evening wear pretty formal? Or Semi? Sorry, completely clueless here!
  2. ^^Well, I love to get dressed up, so when I was in Vegas in March (we went to a club called XS at the Wynn Encore...HIGHLY recommend that!!) I wore a cute satin emerald green BCBG dress and wedge heels. Most of the girls seemed to be dressed up kinda like that, or a dressy top with very dark jeans.

    HTH! Have a GREAT time! I highly recommend eating at Simon's (sp??) at the Palms Place Hotel!
  3. At this time of the year, it is SUPER hot so during the day, wear something comfy - shorts, tank, etc. In the evening, most people dress up. Whenever I go, I bring one or two outfits for every evening so I can choose. It seems that any short, skimpy outfit works when going to the clubs. Even jeans and a nice top would work too. We're girls so I'd say pretty much anything that makes us look hot would work.

    Have a GREAT time in Vegas. I love that place and can't wait to be back (though it will be a while since we just went for the 4th of July weekend). If you get the chance, definitely try out Mesa Grill at Caesar's (my favorite restaurant there) or Tableau at Wynn (BEST breakfast food ever).
  4. Bring fun clothes! You can really put on dog at night--just don't forget that the casinos (clubs, restaurants) are blasting AC, so you might want to take a big enough handbag to stash a sweater in just in case!

    During the day, if you're shopping or planning on doing a lot of wandering. . .don't wear shoes that hurt (or you'll be sorry that night when you've got blisters and you want to wear your sky-high heels!) It will be BLAZING hot outside this time of year. Seriously. So, if you go to the pool--be careful!

    Have a great time. Check out the amazing shopping. . .and the hotels have great spas. . .
  5. I went to Vegas in March to visit a friend who moved there. I stayed at the Wynn half of the time and with her half of the time and I brought WAYYYY too much stuff. Unless you know you're going out to dinner and/or a show or semi-formal club every night, you really only need one or two going out dresses. During the day, I mainly wore skirts, flip flops, jeans, etc. Bring lots of sunscreen! And don't forget to chill out at the pool!
  6. I think anything goes in Vegas! I find the women dress up more than then the guys. I was in Vegas in April and one of my guy friends wore shorts to one of the best restaurants in town -- ugg! I like to get dressed up so I think any cute dress is good for clubbing -- summer is perfect for halter or strapless dresses. Have fun!
  7. People dress pretty skanky.

    Whatever your comfort level is.

    Something dressy, something trendy, stuff for hot weather and maybe a light sweater for night time.

    but most of all...


    the strip may look small but you'll be walking for days to cover everything! ITS MASSIVE
  8. I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow! It's really casual in the day; wear whatever you like. Nighttime outfits vary a lot; some people are still skulking about in beige shorts, and some women are dressed to the nines. Personally, I'm just taking dresses, which can be worn day or night, and I'm taking flats only as my feet swell in the heat.
  9. Bring your bathing suit for some good pool time! Bring comfortable shorts and shoes to walk in during the daytime but I would suggest a light jacket since casinos can get very cold. As to nightwear, people do dress pretty umm skanky there for lack of a better word. I usually wear a mini dress when I'm clubbing in Vegas but it really depends on your personal style and what you're comfortable in.

    I used to go to Vegas every couple months or so. If you have any other questions, please feel free to PM away. :smile:
  10. I can agree with the others that have said to dress for comfort during the day, it's soooo hot (was there over July 4th too, ix_captain!). Personally, I like to really dress it up in the evening....it's fun to wear something that at "home" would be off the chart. Honestly, anything goes in Vegas. Have fun w/ your clothes, Vegas is certainly the town to try some thing new.
  11. dressy outfits for the club, cute skirts and shorts for the day, bikini and a few pairs of shoes! Have fun! I really like Tao and Pure!!!
  12. Vegas is a great time to dress up. I also try to do light packing.

    I always bring a fun dress for each evening and one pair of awesome heels that go with each outfit. For the day, especially now in the summer time, I would bring loose skirts/shorts and tanks/blouses that are cool. Then some comfy but cute sandals that you won't be in pain later.

    Have a great time in Vegas!
  13. I'm going to Vegas in two weeks! I was also there in April... I love Vegas!

    Daytime wear is pretty much what you'd wear any other day. If you're shopping, eating or just wandering, wear a cute top and maybe shorts/a skirt, or a sundress. You'll see some people are dressed up 24/7, but you'll also see a lot of tourists dressed super casual too.

    As everyone else has pointed out, bring a swimsuit! Or several! And ditto what's been said about the weather - it's SUPER hot outside, but indoors the AC is always on full blast, and it does get chilly. If you can, carry a light jacket/cardigan with you at all times.

    As for club/nighttime wear - I've done simple mini-dresses, cocktail dresses, and even a halter and shorts. The only real rule of thumb is to look hot :smile:

    Advice: get yourself on the guestlist for clubs. Google the clubs you're interested in, and you can usually e-mail promoters who will add you. You can also call the club 24 hours in advance, and they should be able to add you as well. If you're with all girls, it's usually very easy to cut the line even if you don't call ahead. The guestlist does help though - I was in Vegas with 3 friends (2 guys, 2 girls including me) and we were on the guestlist for Tryst at the Wynn, (awesome place btw) and we literally walked up to the bouncer and walked in right past an entire line of people.