what would u have done

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  1. Last night I carried my new speedy out for the first time and I ran into a friend/ex co worker who noticed it. She always is carrying a damier papillon - which is a fake - and she was like "ooh, nice - i love mine". She then asked me how much I paid, and I really didn't want to say but just ended up saying 400 (she is always asking how much I pay for things - digi cams, jeans, coats, and I hate it!!!) and she replied "oh yeah? i got mine for 150, through a deal". I didn't and wouldn't tell her that hers is fake, it's not my business and she can stay happy thinking it's the real thing - but she was saying it like I got ripped off and she knew better to get a good deal on hers, and giving me this know-it-all condescending look! I just smiled through it but was feeling more like this --->:oh:
  2. I would say, it was a gift. I usually do that to avoid the question.
  3. Ugh, tough situation.. I applaud you for being able to keep a straight face and not tell her "that's cause yours is FAKE biatch" :P LOL
    I hate it when people ask me how much my stuff is.. Makes me feel so uncomfortable!
  4. yeah, if she brings it up again ask her where she got her "deal" then tell her you only buy items from the boutiques to avoid fakes.
    this way you are just being assertive without being confrontational.

    let her stew on it herself.
  5. Yea, I've used that a couple times b/c my friends albeit love them to death, are sooo nosy! There is one in particular who is subconsciously competitive who ALWAYS asks me where I got the $ for blah blah blah. I just have to lie to her sometimes so she would lay off!
  6. I always feel bad about saying a price when asked. I usually just brush it off by saying, "oh this thing? i've had it for years and years..." to me, my mental spending limit is MUCH higher than my "having to hear myself what i've spent limit"
  7. i have a friend at work who's nosy about price (she has one small coach bag) and when she asks i usually just say something like 'more than i should have!' and laugh. most people won't continue to pry.
  8. Someone once told me if someone asks a question that you don't want to answer----just divert the attention back to them and ask nicely "Why do you ask?"

    That usually makes people feel
    1. Stupid or
    2. Forced to explain themselves

    Try that next time. It works
  9. I always do that if someone asks me a question I do not want to answer. I answer it in about way so I do not have to give any answer. It makes it easier.
  10. love that answer, will definately try it next time! :biggrin: I am surrounded by nosy ppl! As far as this girl, I will just continue to let her think that I got ripped off and she got a great deal on her bag.
  11. Totally agree.
    Sometimes i will say, in a very good natured, laughing voice "why, that's really none of your business!" Few people will ask a follow up question.
  12. I don't know.. if she was rude about the price, I would have probably pointed and laughed and pointed out it was a fake. Pretty crass and lacking of tact, but I'd love to burst her little bubble.
  13. Me too. :biggrin: I would have mentioned how buying a fake for $150 isn't a "deal" since they are worth less than $10.
  14. It's totally rude to ask how much someone pays for something. Those folks ask so they can tell you how stupid you were to pay so much for your bag and they were smart and got a deal. I let them know that there is no such thing as a deal with LV; "U have a fake". Besides you're paying for quality and don't want to get a cheap fake. Oh I am burning up just thinking about how rude people are.:evil:

  15. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ! THAT IS HILARIOUS! I WOULD HAVE SAID IT right to her face! And then I would have taken off running really fast down the street!