What would u get?

  1. I have about $1500 to spend on my new bag! I don't have any fendi's but I fell in love with the spy bag however I can't decide if I should get the Zucca spy or the chocolate spy?

    I love the look of both and Jomashop has the zucca at a great price! What would you get?
  2. Most all of my Fendi's are Zuccha...and I never tire of them so I vote zuccha...whatever you decide though, you can't go wrong!! Good Luck.
  3. I vote zucca also, those Tortuga handles are the greatest & the zucca just glows! :yes:
  4. I wold have to be different. *L* The leather spy's are just so gorgeous. Plus I'm not a huge fan of Fendi's logo design so I would say the chocolate.

    But whichever you like the most is the one you should get. :smile:
  5. Zucca!!!
  6. I would also have to say the chocolate, but I am not a fan of logo fabric generally. You know what goes with your style best! Post pics when you get whichever one you decide on.
  7. Thanks ladies!!! I love the look of the zucca too but just can't decide:shrugs:

    I know that th way I dress is either I am in all brown or black mostly to go out or I tend to wear jeans with random colors. I do have other logo bags like gucci and LV. I am also getting cream/red marc jacobs bag so I have a lot fo variety
  8. I think I have pretty much decided to get the zucca spy :yes: :yahoo: :nuts: :wlae:
    I can't wait!!!

    I think I was only debating because I have the damier speedy 30 on the way as well as the hobo gucci monogram. So I wasn't sure if I should just get a leather bag but I am gonna get it!!!
  9. I have the zucca baby spy....I like the zucca, but I want an all leather one...or two:yes:
  10. I think the zucca is nice if you love the handles and logos. For me, I will go for the chocolate spy cos I love the look and feel of a leather bag.
  11. i would prefer an all-leather spy as well, but both are wonderful choices! you can't go wrong with either!
  12. Like Boo Yah said, both are wonderful choices. Ya really can't go wrong no matter what ya decide. My personal fav is the Zucca. The logo material is darker than it appears in photos which is great as it's not so in your face. And the zucca handles... Mmmm, like buttah!
  13. Get the leather. The leather on a spy bag is so soft and it's just so much better than the zucca in my opinion.
  14. Yes agree, would go with the chocolate leather one, love the Zucca but if it was my first spy would go for an all leather one.
  15. Zucca :yes: