what would u do?

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  1. It's that time of the year again, VEGAS TIME! So similar to my last trip to dallas, have a decent amount of money to spend (1000ish) BUT i can NOT buy a purse!

    So, i ask you! what would YOU buy if you were in my shoes?

    And i honestly am not looking to spend it all at LV...think mostly at lv with a dabble of tiffianys or gucci!

    But again, NO BAGS, pouchettes etc etc!


    :heart::heart:btw...my moms bday is today and we just gifted her a LV sologne! SHE LOVED IT!!! she said the size and style was PERFECT!! :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Glad your mom likey!

    I'd say some LV shoes, Tiffany bracelet or sterling silver mesh ring, then check out some new Gucci sunglasses!
  3. LV has some really pretty sunglasses too. I just saw a pair of PINK ones for $375 here in Charlotte, NC!

    Let us know what you get!
  4. What about LV fashion jewelry or sunglasses?
  5. My vote goes for Chanel Sunglasses and Tiffany Silver.
  6. I'd get a pair of LV shoes.
  7. I'd go with LV sunglasses and or shoes. If you don't see anything you want in those areas, go for the Tiffany's.
  8. thanks! A tiffanys bracelet is a must

    i dont know about the shoes...maybe a cute pair of flipflops! hmmm yeah i dont think i can swing highheels, stupid law school and the mba program is cutting out my social life! :'( (ad the fact that i live in oklahoma now haha)

    thanks for the ideas!!
  9. shoes seem to be winning hmmm i might be missingsomething haha! i was never a huge fan...but i may have to check them out now!!!

    LV inclusion is not really my style but i think i may have to pick up a koala MC braclet!!! hmmm urghhh uhhhh thats about all i can think of

    Here's my sunglasses collection so far: 3 guccis and 2 chanels...and how often do i wear them? About once a month hahaha i feel like whenever i go to vegas i get a new pair and SWEARi will wear them, and then plop they are no displayed on my book case!!

    ahha sorrrrrrry to make things hard guys! man i hate being so picky!!
  10. oh and btw i HAVE to get the gucci ice tray!!! hehehe that is the craziest funniest cutest thing ever!!
  11. Do you have an agenda or a good wallet?
  12. dcooney yes i do :sad: i have both a gucci wallet and matching gucci planner... arughhhh

    who knew shopping was so difficult! hehe i wonder how the BF does it?
  13. a cles?
    LV sunnies / gucci sunnies
    tiffanys necklace, ring, and earrings (silver)
  14. Ooh, how fun! I would get lv flip-flops, gucci sunnies and the rest at Tiffany's. Or skip gucci and wear your flip-flops to Tiffany's to spend the rest!
  15. I think LV fashion jewelry or sunglasses?